We’re baaaaack…

Hello again!
SlothBoogie.com is back… But not as you know it.

We shut the blog down back at the beginning of Summer so we could concentrate on giving the site a complete revamp. During that time we worked out what we wanted to do with SB and we’re sorry to say that the blog in its traditional format is dead and won’t be getting updated anymore.
(RIP 2010-2016 💀  – The 6 years of posts are still available in the archive below though)

Its a sad day that the internet and sloths will be crying about for years to come but fear not!
Its not all doom and gloom as we look into the future of SlothBoogie with better content and nicer ways of enjoying it.

The first thing you’ll notice with the new website is the shiny playbar at the bottom.
For now we’ve preloaded it with the Guestmix archive but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll be able to add and delete tracks from our new articles and guestmixes on the fly allowing you keep listening to music as you move around the site… So the tunes should never stop! Cool right?!

Going forward we’re going to be developing our guestmix series so they’re more regular as well as a ton of juicy new feature ideas.

We realise we’ve been closed for disco business for a while now but if you’re happy we’re back and enjoying the new site we’d love it if you helped spread the word that the Sloth is back!

Thats it for now… See you on the dancefloor,
Team SlothBoogie x

Jeffrey Paradise – Rhythm Party

One of the Poolside boys sent over a new summery mix and its bloody delicious!

This mix focuses on African and Caribbean rhythms fused with a disco beat and will have you striped down to your budgie smugglers and vibing in no time. Big up Jeffrey!

Razor N Tape : Arsenii // Misiu Edits

The Razor N Tape crew are on a definite hot streak right now with all their booties hitting the shelves in time for Summer. We’ve been playing pretty much all their output of late with no signs of slowing down! Our faves have been Fatnotronic’s beautiful Brazilian influenced album Onde Anda, Arsenii’s super soulful and jazzy edits and finally their latest pack comes from Misiu with a load of boogie stompers!

Cop the lot over on Juno.