Mack Ness – Feel You Not Being Here (LGS001)

Let’s Go Swimming is a new label and party based in London
run by Henry Fry, George Mackness and William Earl.

Mack Ness – Inter-Present is the first release. Here is the exclusive
premiere of the B2 on the release, ‘Feel You Not Being Here’,
perhaps the release’s most clubable track.
A carefree, hazy house number underpinned by breathy pipe-like stabs counterposed with resonating synth pads, all driven by shuffling shakers.
In the remainder of the record look for moody downtempo ambiance and aquariums…

Field Day 2016 Preview

So, we’ve been a little lazy on letting you all know what the craic is with one of our favourite London based festivals so far this year. So I’m making a mends by offering you a long form preview & in depth look at the lineup of what to expect at this years 10th edition.

First up, lets say this – forward thinking lineups, genre hopping, 10 years strong, the boys and girls at Field Day know whats up & have delivered year upon year in a very crowded & increasingly hostile marketplace, why? Because they book good bands, and good DJ’s. If you’d rather overhyped genre revival tents, or paying £50 to basically go to a massive outdoor version of Meat Liquor don’t go to field day. Festivals are expensive and a mission, so as a consumer what you need most of all is top notch entertainment – not an artist repeating actions that got them a million likes on facetube of whatever last year for snapchat lol’s.

Jame Blake is headlining, we all know mr Blake is overhyped, but in the same way Radiohead are overhyped – because they are genuinely really good, there’s a reason even your mum has ‘in colour’, because it’s a really good record and we can all agree on it. So when night falls over Victoria park go see him, if only for a bit, because it’ll be good.

Sunday bloody, sunday

P J Harvey, hang on field day is a 1 day Saturday festival. Despite having a ticket for both days many times I’ve never made it because I can’t help but get royally messed up on the Saturday. But she’ll be good/mental so go. Oh and Air are playing who may even persuade me to go because it’s chill…. maybe…. probably not. Oh hang on… hang on… and the Avalanches…. Ah I see what they are doing, making the Sunday into a proper thing to go to this year rather than just a party around some old band’s comeback thing. This is getting interesting now, the Sunday is programmed like a proper day rather than an afterthought along the lines of ‘lads we’ve got a massive stage here, who’s left in the booking agents roster… what, who, yeah they’ll do’. Daphni, Junior Boys, Optimo & more to boot! I’m in.

Right the main event, Saturday.

Mine normally starts by knocking down the door of a pub in Mile End at about 11am and rocking up around 2 to find I’ve missed a massive act that was on at 1 for some unknown reason. This year will be no different I’m sure. But the question on everyones lips is… who’s going to rock the show most.

Well there is one name on that lineup that stands out for me the most and it’s Bicep, shhh, shhh, hang on…… live. Bloody LIVE! I’m calling this, 9pm, bugged out stage, 909, Juno 6 or whatever, tops off, guest vocalists, the lot.

Dj Koze, we had a chat with the cheeky chappie last year and KMG hasn’t stopped sending him his used undies since, thats another story, but he’ll be good I promise.

Another live act to watch out for, Floating points, So he’s going to do Elieena live hey, nice should be good for a chill. I really hope he cracks out Vacuum Boogie live as an encore or something too.

Want a lad off? Then go see Jackmaster vs Gerd Janson. Like an early 30’s ‘can u dance’… that did the rounds last year.

Kink, Live, this is turning into the theme isn’t it.

MCDE, I’m going to find a white towel from somewhere….

Plast….thebesthaircutinshowbusiness…ician deserves a mention, as does Roman Flugel, Slimzee & Special Request just incase it was all getting a little too mellow for you.

Skepta is playing, woooo, lots of middle class kids dancing nervously in a crowd wondering/hoping/preying the security did it’s job and stopped anyone bringing anything pointy or very loud to the park for the afternoon.

Tale of us & the Black Madonna round out my personal picks for the day.

See you down the front.

Oval Space & Pickle Factory Announce Summer Programme


After a sizzler of a weekend, it felt only right that Oval Space and The Pickle Factory drop their summer programme and it’s looking like it will be a scorcher.

Kicking things off in style, Oval Space is hosting an all-night album party for Space Dimension Controller this Friday and is helping Rekids celebrate ten years of existence. Under Matt Edwards’ careful curatorial hand, Rekids has championed a propulsive, texturally rich brand of electronics, releasing music from the likes of Nina Kraviz, Marcel Dettmann, Shed and Mr. G. Rekids will ring in ten years with Dystopian boss and Panorama Bar favourite Rødhåd, label boss Radio Slave, Evan Baggs and DJ Spider.

Looking further in to July, OS will be throwing open its doors for a marathon all day / night session featuring one of the most revered names in house and techno – Levon Vincent. Also on the line-up is Tama Sumo, Hieroglyphic Being Live, Trevor Jackson, Volcov and Lakuti.

Over the road, proceedings at The Pickle Factory will be going full steam ahead throughout the summer months with a massive international flavour. On 27th May, it will play host to the Japanese contingent aka DJ Masda and Junki Inoue. Matthew Dekay taking over the intimate 200 capacity space for all night long sessions on 3rd June. Dance music chameleon Martyn is joining from Holland on 15th July and France’s techno stalwarts Bambounou and Shlømo dropping  on 29th July.

Label showcases will also feature on The Pickle Factory’s program, with Vera, Spacetravel and Alexandra playing as part of a Melliflow showcase on 24th June and Etienne, Le Loup and Seuil playing as part of an Eklo showcase on 22nd July.

Last but not least, the Ovation live series continues with performances from Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra on 12th  May, The Invisible on 19th May, Slow Magic  and Benjamin Damage, Randomer and more on 9th July.

Earl Grey & PJU – Drum Boxx

Our mate Earl Grey has teamed up with Punks Jump Up for a no frills twerk out of an EP called Drum Boxx. Its strictly old school batty bass business on this one so get ready to sweat!

Out on Muzik Box on 20th May.