Gilmer Galibard – Lost Tapes

So much depth! Canary Islands resident Gilmer Galibard returns to the Lobster family via lucid, murky sub-label Mörk. We’re loving the whole EP as a hazy mind bending trip through time and space… stick on and forget whatever the hell it is you think you need to do. A classic dubby journey for sure… Out next month.

KLLO – Bolide

Check these lovely floaty summery vibes to drift off to thanks to Melbourne based duo KLLO. Things happen so fast these days that Kllo barely had a Facebook page or a proper song when things really took off for them around their breakthrough EP Cusp. Kind of a prophetic EP name as a year since then and they’re already into the millions of plays on Spotify with a host of big Oz gigs behind them…

The duo are back with Well Worn, an EP that enhances Kllo’s high-gloss hooks even further. Guided by the ghosts of UK garage and like-minded strains of underground dance music, lead single ‘Bolide’ sets a skittish beat against a clipped chorus. Catchy, yes, but also compelling enough to leave us all longing for the pair’s inevitable LP.

Well Worn is out August 5th on Ghostly International (USA) and Different Recordings UK) and available for pre-order now.

Jonas Rathsman – E L E M E N T S | Mix Series Episode IV

Jonas Rathsman has been pushing a new bi-monthly mix series called E L E M E N T S and its a lovely curated effort that straddles dreamy styles somewhere in between House and Techno.

Featuring new and exclusive music from the likes of Damian Lazarus, Tiga, Harald Björk, Stefano Ritteri and Hyenah – Rathsman stays true to form by delivering an hour of engrossing music that pulls influence from the full spectrum of house.