Daniel Dubb – Always (Daniel Dubb & Danny Howells Disco Rub)

Daniel Dubb’s ‘Pieces Of The Past’ album gets a fresh set of remixes as the main man teams up with loads of mates to present a fresh new take on his emotional journey from last year.

For the first batch of remixes Daniel Dubb has brought Huxley, Mark Fanciulli, Edwin Oosterwal into the fold for the rejected release. Our favourite however is his collaboration with house hero Danny Howells on a weighty Disco Rub of “Always”. Filters, stabs and a ton of glitter are the order of the day, as the duo present a perfect DJ tool for the floor and those late night mandy moments.

Pieces Of The Past Remixes will be out on the 22nd April.

Hector Couto – Get It On

Hector Couto‘s got a rather lovely bubbly dancefloor heater called Get It On coming out this week on 2020 Vision… Combining punchy drum rolls, deep bass and a exteremely cheeky disco-inspired vocal sample, it sounds like it could have been transported straight out of Amnesia in the early 90’s. In fact the whole EP is a huge slab of throw back goodness and will no doubt cause some serious shapes to get thrown about the place!

Leon Vynehall – Rojus


It’s fair to say there’s been a fair amount of buzz around this EP slash album (is 8 tracks an album?). Ever since we heard Blush on Vynehall’s Essential Mix last month, we knew we were in store for something pretty spectacular.

Having had a full listen we can confirm that it’s as lush as the hype suggests; dreamy chords, warm baselines and exotic percussion throughout. There’s something for everyone too; beatless soundscapes (Beyond this…) sultry early door grooves (Saxony) and peak time slammers (Wahness). Blush is the pick of the bunch though and I have a feeling we’re gonna be hearing this on dance floors throughout the festival season (and maybe the foreseeable future).

1. Beyond This… (3:36)
2. Saxony (4:22)
3. Beau Sovereign (5:51)
4. Paradisea (6:38)
5. Wahness (6:50)
6. Blush (8:30)
7. Kiburu’s (8:33)
8. …There Is You (5:12)

Rojus is out today on Running Back and you can cop some previews below:


And a few words from the man himself:

“Two years ago I played at Studio 9 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The following day I missed my flight home and ended up spending an extra day, which gave me a chance to explore the city with my friend Linus, who took me to the Contemporary Art Centre. It was there I spotted a book named ‘Rojus’, that Linus told me translated as ‘Paradise’. The word and striking cover of the book stuck in my mind. A few days after returning home, I turned on to a National Geographic documentary named ‘Designed To Dance’, explaining the courtship rituals of Birds Of Paradise. As I watched, i jokingly began drawing similarities between these birds’ attempts to captivate and impress the opposite sex with dance, and the way strangers try to attract one another in clubs and interact on the dance floor. This gave me the idea of creating a record of functional club music, sequenced as if it were a club night, from doors to closing, using samples of these Birds Of Paradise and their habitat. Thus, Rojus.”
Leon Vynehall 2016