Hold on internet, Todd Terje has remixed Dolly Parton

It’s a commission for the branding agency Chandelier Creative – they’ve got money to splash about like it’s water by the looks of it, that said I wouldn’t complain those parties look great… I hope this’ll see a release, thats next summers smash sorted then. There’s a cool video too, etc etc. But really it’s about Dolly, dear old dolly.

Listen & find out more here.

Etienne De Crécy – Super Discount 3


If you’re hungering from some authentic electro sounds then Etienne’s your man. His latest Super Discount album… the third in the series obvs… is jammed packed full of tough pulsating synths and just plain old crazy fun. Quite a few of the tracks have been floating about already such as ‘Hashtag My Ass’ and ‘Night (Cut The Crap)’ which have had quite a bit of pick up. The full album is actually out on the 19th Jan but you can pre-order it now on iTunes and get those tracks instantly.

The rest of the album has some slightly subtler and lighter moments like ‘Smile’ and ‘Follow’ as well as even more pumping poppy numbers… Altogether definitely worth checking out if you’ve always liked his tracks. Filtered Dance Pop done right in our opinion…
(Lazy comparison we know, but wished the new Daft Punk album had been a bit more like this!)


Bob Moses – Inner City Odyssey

The Bob Moses duo have collected a bunch of tracks and sounds that have been inspiring them lately. Throwing in some new, some old and a few things from what’s to come.
With 2 top notch EPs under their belt these guys have got some big hype behind them already and we can’t wait to get hold of their new new new stuff!