Bang & Olufsen Rose Gold Love Affair Collection

Bang & Olufsen have announced the launch of their Love Affair collection in celebration of their 90th birthday. The new collection sees six of Bang & Olufsen’s classic products redesigned in rose gold. This beautiful redesign will include the flagship BeoVision Avant television, as well as the BeoLab 18 , BeoVision 11 and BeoRemote One.


The collection has been designed to represent the 1920s when Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen established the brand and started their journey into technology. The products capture the mood and style of the time, which, combined with the warm fabrics recently developed in collaboration with fashion designer Stine Goya, represent a 90 year relationship between the company and its devoted fans.


Lets just hope you’ve got some coin in the bank if you’re serious about actually owning any of their amazing kit though…
Prices – Love Affair Collection
BeoVision Avant 85 – from £18,195 (inc BeoRemote One)
BeoRemote One – £235
BeoVision 11-46 – £5,445 (inc BeoRemote One and front cover)
BeoLab 18 – £5,260 a pair (inc walnut fronts and stand option)
BeoPlay A9 – £1,799
BeoPlay H6 – £349


Beatport Pro – First Look at Streaming Service

We got an invite to have a look over Beatports latest incarnation Beatport Pro. So from first look it’s a responsive remake with the same design & DNA as it’s current version. That means it’ll work on all your devices & be accessible from anywhere which is a massive boon.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 15.42.19

It’s all about the streaming

Streaming wise you can also get full tracks & make a queue to listen to over on Beatport, now this in itself isn’t massively innovative – however this element is soo well done you could easily use this to replace Spotify, Soundcloud or Mixcloud as your go-to browser based streaming platform. Now that ladies & gentlemen is big news, late to the party maybe. But with the amount of content Beatport has this is going to carry some sway for those interested in Beatports dance music orientated offering. This connection of the dots between streaming & purchase all on the same platform is pretty powerful & with all the labels, artists etc already inplace I think Beatports future is pretty rosy. Although sadly unless they start making computers named after a fruit they aren’t going to get the kind of integration to take over the market.

You still get the dj charts, mixes, sample packs, etc etc. Oh and the main ‘chart’ that makes me wish I’d never heard a kickdrum, but hey you can’t help whats popular.

The beta should open up soon so I’d suggest you get yourself over there when it does and make up your own mind.

Give us a follow too in case it takes off ;)

Serato goes Boxless…

I got this press release last night, had a look through at all the weird and wonderful controllers that have screens in, jog wheels, buttons, whistles, turney knobs, etc etc & had the usual reaction, meh… I understand for the bedroom DJ these are great, some even use them playing out. They’ve always been useful because they are cheaper than a pair of decks or cdj’s, but when you stick 3 screens in one and make it of metal your getting mighty close to XDJ 1000 or CDJ 850 territory…. Anyway thats my take.


Now onto the massive, massive, announcement that you now don’t need a Serato box to use Serato! You can just USB into the Pioneer DJM 850 or 900 NXS & your away, naturally you’ve got to pay for the privilege. As a staunch Serato user for the last 10 years I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to think I might not have to turn up early to every booking and annoy the DJ before me by fucking about with the back of the mixer. I also cannot tell you how many times I’ve pulled out the wrong cable, a packed bussey building know what I’m on about – oops. We truly are living in the future people, this is massive game changer and dicks all over anything anyone else has done – I know Traktor can do it, but it’s a hassle. Fingers crossed this will be as smooth as everything else in the Serato ecosystem.


So we’ve looked at the controllers, no boxes needed plug & play, well there’s a load more like Denon’s micro serato box which is cool, yet rather pointless unless your really need that extra 100 grams on the plane. Oh and there’s an updated TTM, too late in my opinion – I bought the original one of these 6 months before Serato DJ got released and I’m still pissed about it not being compatible.


Why they didn’t release this lot for christmas I don’t know but hey, go get spending people.

Pioneer release USB only XDJ-1000 – R.I.P. CD’s

Goodbye CD’s it was never nice dealing with you anyway. And priced at $999 thats pretty good on the pockets. Touchscreen & text search are the 2 things I was missing, coming from Serato that in the moment ‘where’s that track’ search always came in handy rather than scrolling endlessly through lists.