The Sunday Chill : Retiree – Heard You’re Doing Well

The laid back vibes on this one are strong!!!
Heard You’re Doing Well is the second single from Retiree’s THIS PLACE EP that’s due out end of june. It explores interesting progressions and instrumentation that bubble up around a melancholic organ ballad.
The Slo Mo track is capped off by Tori’s (vocalist) dad Paul Holleman contributing layered saxophone lines.

It’s the kind of tune that will either make you cry or smile on a hangover… Grab it on iTunes.

Its also been added to our ever growing The Sunday Chill Playlist… head over for lots more downtempo vibes.

We Are Your Friends – Redubbed Trailer

The dance world blew up at the trailer of We Are Your Friends a few weeks back… Mostly with hate and lolz from our circle but it was unavoidable. The story of Zac Efron’s character trying to become an EDM superstar was pretty sickening. Even Emily Ratajkowski’s hotness might not be enough to get you to sit through the full film… :/

Anyways as the internet always responds in the best way possible to some controversy here’s a re-dubbed version that’s even more spot on!

Watch the original trailer here and let us know what you think?!

SoulCircuit – Rolling With Me (I Got Love) ft. Maverick Sabre (Official Video)


Yup you’ll recognise that mega catchy chorus hook from the great Nate Dogg RIP… From one smooth voiced man to another… The Maverick Sabre vocals are pretty special in their own right and sit perfectly amongst the laid back whomps courtesy of SoulCircuit. To match that emotive vibe is a video from director Dan Henshaw that is the result of a recent trip to New Orleans where he observed the cross-section of parades at Mardi Gras.

One in particular which makes up the video for Rolling With Me is the that of the African American community in American Indian suits.

“Its mishmash of music, sin and spirituality make it unlike anywhere else in the US. On a previous visit I’d seen these African American guys parading around the ‘hood in elaborate, home made American Indian suits with psychedelic-colored feathers, holding guns and shouting war cries. It was wild and intimidating but totally fascinating. Since then I knew I wanted to shoot a film about them.” – director Dan Henshaw