Carlo and Black Loops team up again for another collabo EP called Intermission coming out real soon on Good Ratio Music. This 3 tracker charts the highs and lows of a perfect weekend with each day of the week present and correct.

We’re kicking it all off with a premiere of the Friday or Venerdi track in all its loopy pumped up goodness. The keenos amongst you will recognise the awesome strings and vocals from That Friday Party that are tweaked and stretched in all the right places with a new layer of House goodness. Long may these guys keep knocking out the tunes together in 2017!

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Carlo & the Black Loops are killing it this year. You run two labels, Booking agent, had hit records together and on your own, share one studio, and featured in the recent Traxsource top 100 (#4 and #14)….it’s not been a bad year for you guys hey?

C – yeah man, finally it looks like all the work through the years pays off. We’re pretty satisfied with this 2016! :)

BL – Yes definitely! We really hit the jackpot finding an amazing studio together (with our good friend Maik yells). 2016 is going to be one well remembered.

Black Loops Studio

You work a lot with Black Loops, but not all the time. How do you guys know each other?

C – Long Story Short: The girlfriend of Riccardo started working with a close friend of mine and… they got straight after as a part of our gang! Was a love at the first sight.

BL – We met around 4 years ago, right after I (Black loops) moved to Berlin and we hit it off from then on.

I guess sharing a studio with other artists who are also busy with releases must take some organisation? do you ever struggle to all fit in?

C – We’re doing a shift plan every week. We’re 3 people sharing the studio and has a very positive thing under my point of view and it’s it when is your time you need to get the best out of it. Otherwise you would feel bad. It is the very first time I do have an studio and I’m extremely happy of how things are working up.

BL – Luckily we are all very flexible and well organised, so it works well!

How are you guys putting tracks down, it would be cool to give people an insight into how you work? your sound is pretty classic deep. I would guess you guys are working on mpcs?

C – We do have an MPC in the studio which we are using currently but there is also a lot of work after in ableton. To be honest we build the tracks in a simple way but you need to nail the basics. Master Riccardo (BL) told me few tricks since we’re making music together that increased the quality of my productions crazily! ;)

BL – MPC is just a little part of the creative process. We use it pretty much for sampling and shaping some beats part. Jamming together is a very important part, as we both are musicians and we like to play along chords and live drumming.

In a studio full of the Spanish and Italians – I would imagine food is an important thing too? I hear you are pretty good with rice?

C – No doubt, food is essential!

BL – Just two words: PAELLA and CARBONARA :)

CarloHow would you compare living in Berlin to home? Culture shock or home from home?

C – To be honest I adapted myself pretty good in here, of course I miss my family and my hometown. Plus Berlin is way colder than Málaga  but I have been lucky enough to found here the love, a new family and new friends… so pretty much I got 2 hometowns now ;)

BL – Well, the Home will always be Italy from my side, nevertheless to say Berlin now is our home music-wise and professionally talking.

You have released and are about to release some amazingly strong records with Black Loops on Good Ratio Music and Neovinyl. Baustelle is one of my top tracks for the year, the feel good vibes from that track are amazing. What are you plans for the new year?

C – I have some EP’s in the pipeline for this year in Organic, Sakskøbing and of course my very own Neovinyl.

BL – Regarding Black Loops, coming next will be an Ep on PETS RECORDINGS. Really looking forward on this one :)

Black Loops: