Ahead of his summer residency at Cuckoo Land on the White Isle, we caught up with Citizenn to find out what makes him tick.

SB: what’s you name and where do you come from?

C: Citizenn, Nottingham (home of the brave, land of the free) but I now reside in London.

SB: tell us a bit about your name… The 2 x n’s can’t be an accident can it?

C: Due to the nature of the pending class action lawsuit suit I have been instructed not to speak on this matter to negate the possibility of divulging sensitive information that may interfere with my defense.

SB: You’re soon to embark on a trip to the White Isle… can you tell us abit about what you’re hoping to get up to?

C: Amazing first show of the season for me, with a whole bunch of mates and hero’s on the lineup,  an amazing space and class music. Definitely intend on hitting up fish shack as well. I’m addicted. Might feed the ducks also, Might not.

SB: Can you give the name of a track or album from your childhood which still resonates with you today?

C: The Blood Brothers – …Burn piano island burn
First got this record when I was like 17 or something…Still to this day in my top 5 and still listen to this accursed slab of undiluted genius at least once a month, front to back

SB: What are the 3 records that never seem to leave your bag?

C: Citizenn & Jamie Roy – Later 4 That
Len Faki – btx1
Adesse versions – Pressure

SB: Larry Levan or Larry Heard?

C: Ooooft I’d have to say Larry heard. So many moments have been had with him soundtracking the vibe

SB: Apologies for the trauma this next one may cause… but the studio is on fire… there’s enough time to go back and save one piece of equipment, but the laptop has already perished…. what do you save, and why?

C: Yooo this is my worst nightmare. Would probably have to say my Maschine studio, can’t leave home without it.

SB: Who have you seen or supported recently who has blown you away?

C: Hercules and love affair are one of my all time favourite bands, just so happen to see them last night, so unbelievably inspiring and wonderful humans

SB: Who on the scene do you think deserves a bit more credit?

C: Without a doubt my man Cozzy D.

SB:… last but not least… what’s your ideal breakfast?

C: Ocean drive talamanca is unreal for breakfast. I dream about that shit.

Citizenn plays at Cuckoo Land @ Ibiza Rocks this Sunday, grab your tickets here: http://cuckooland.rocks