the-revenge-glasgow-city-guideThe Revenge has always been an artist we hold dear at SlothBoogie. In fact he was one of the first few artists we blogged about back when we were making our first steps into the world of disco blogging 6 years ago. He’s been a remarkably busy guys since those classic edits days and its all been paying off having won the Best of British : Best Album Award from DJ Mag last year for his ‘The Love That Will Not Die‘ album. His Roar Groove label had a particularly great year too with tons of top notch products hitting his online shop.

So its with great pleasure we set out with Graeme for a little look around his home town of Glasgow as part of our City Guides series.


Let’s start beneath street level with an obvious one, but a place dear to my heart. Glasgow has loads of other great clubs that deserve a mention – Berkeley Suite, La Cheetah, Art School, SWG3 – but the Sub is the daddy really. Basement, one room, one sound-system, eye-level DJ booth and 500 punters up for a good time. DJs have to really lay their cards on the table in here if they want to get it back from the crowd and it’s usually best witnessed when any of the residents play. My favourite club in the world to dance or play without a doubt.




This place in the Kelvingrove area has had many different names over the years but it’s still retained a loyal following due to the management’s love of good music, good beverages and a darn good time. It’s well placed if you’re sauntering from the west end into the city for a knees up, or if you just happen to live in what is now becoming pretty much the best area for good boozers and good food in the city. They’ve got a buttock-clenching selection of rum and tequila and you’ll also get some tasty scran if required. Some of Glasgow’s finest DJs hold down slots at the weekend so you’ll not be short on ear food either.


A great little bakery down Great Western Road. It’s a tiny wee place so chances are you’ll have to grab and go, but there’s an unhealthy amount of savoury and sweet stuffs to be had. I overdosed on the pork shoulder sausage rolls on my initial voyages into their world of pastry, but there’s plenty of other options to tinkle your tastebuds.



An iconic building full of stuffed animals, paintings, sculptures and other stuff you find in museums. There’s something about the smell of old museums that I find really comforting. Maybe that’s the real reason I like it. Or the fact that it’s free. I’d never really thought about going here until I was looking for somewhere to let my 2 year old daughter loose. She loves to run around and pretend she owns the place; climbing worryingly close to ancient artefacts and dropping bits of toast where she probably shouldn’t. And since Glasgow isn’t known for it’s long, sunshine-filled days, it’s a good place to escape the rain and climb inside a dinosaur egg.



Not that the west end of Glasgow is like New York or London or anything – but it’s student season right now – and if you mix that up with the usual swarm of hipsters, thespians and ladies who lunch, you’ll find yourself needing somewhere to grab a quick intake of breath and feed a squirrel or two. Since it’s usually pissing it down, the gardens are generally fairly quiet and you can wander freely and gather your thoughts. However in the “summer” (ahem), or any of the other five days of the year where Glasgow is blessed with God’s heavenly rays you’ll find every man and his dog with their shirts and collars off in varying states of intoxication.