Here’s a look into the sounds and influences of Cosmic Pint Glass, a Norwich based label stoically putting out some of the most interesting records in the scene.

CPG’s latest & possibly most challenging release is out today, cop it below.
Thesiskin – Mines EP

Thesiskin is the new alias for some of Maricopa’s darker, atmospheric, ambient material. Maricopa who has put out some truly beautiful works on labels like Tusk Wax and Fools and Fables has put a collection of recordings together for Cosmic Pint Glass. Many of them have an organic quality to them, some buzz like they are filled with organisms, some feel hollow like a lonely cave ect Fellow Nature lover Eirwud Mudwasser was drafted in to put together a remix for the digital release. Eirwud who released the amazing Ziggerat EP on Balearic Social Club opted to keep the organic feel and add a live bass guitar, lengthen the track and softly adds some hypnotic percussion.

Label owner Ben has hand picked a selection of records to give you a taste of the label. Be sure to scroll down to find out why these classy jams are influences to this soon to be East of England institution.

Automatic Tasty — Field In The Evening

I think this track is something to do with growing up in a place that has good spaces for outside parties. In the summer time you have this excited feeling all week waiting for the Friday night. Then you jump in the car and the excitement starts to bubble up! burning along to the secret destination watching the trees blur past, you keep your cool but you can feel that unstoppable smile jumping about in your stomach. It feels naughty but also quite innocence at the same time. I think this track sums it up. The whole EP is killer, Automatic Tasty is the man. He’s from Wicklow in Ireland which, from just from the vibe on this EP, might have a similar feel to Norfolk.

Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love (Luke Abbott Remix) [Olsen Records]

Probably my favorite track of last year and remixed by a local guy Luke Abbott and lives just a couple of houses away Duke Slammer!

Phran – Vimanismo (Klasse Wrecks 011)

The reason we started CPG was an excuse to get out the house once a fortnight to have a hardware jam and dig out some gems to show off to each other over a locally brewed tipple.

This track is pretty much what the basement of the Bicycle Shop sounded like when we were having a full on geek off about the hardware setups.


Mark du Mosch – Broke Day

The first time I heard this track I thought it was a new Lauer track. turned out to be an old Mark Du Mosch track. I wasn’t surprised really, both those guys are brilliant. This sort of melodic chuggy synth jam sound seems to sum up the CPG vibe, there’s a bit of house, italo and possibly wave in there too, which is what I think we put on our posters.

Big up Ben at Cosmic Pint Glass for his selections,
for everything CPG head over to their Bandcamp page