In Flagranti’s Alex Gloor takes us through his ‘Legends’ pick of Danny Krivit…
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I met Danny Krivit back in 1985 when he lived in a tiny, shotgun apartment on west 10th street in Manhattan’s West Village. His living room was full of records and to my amazement they were organized by labels and cataloge numbers. I remember there were shelves with pink, West End Records sleeves and four feet of Salsoul Records 12”s. It was mindboggling!

Stuck between all that vinyl was a shelf with a reel to reel tape player and a tiny ledge which held a metal audio tape splicing block, a razor blade, a grease pencil and splicing tape. He showed me how to make edits and little tricks like staying in beat by marking the beats on the back of magnetic audio tape with a white grease pencil so you could visually see and measure the distance between beats. We would hang out and he would play his latest finds. I remember him playing me a 12” promo of Maze’s Twilight. Sometimes I’d bring over some fleamarket vinyl like Olatunji’s Drums Of Passion and we listened to it. He was always cool and helpful.

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So here’s his top 10 from the Disco legend Danny Krivit:

1. Rare Earth / Visage ‎– Happy Song Or Dance (Remix) / Pleasure Boys (Remix)
2. ESG / Level 42 ‎– Moody / Starchild
3. Quadrant Six / Bruce Johnston ‎– Body Mechanic / Pipeline
4. Mr. K.* ‎– Rock The House (Parts 1 & 2)
5. MFSB / The Chi-Lites ‎– Love Is The Message / My First Mistake
6. TD ‎– Feelin’ James
7. Brenda & The Tabulations   ‎– Let’s Go All The Way
Various ‎– Casablanca Dance Classics (Street Edition)
8. Ecstasy, Passion & Pain Featuring Barbara Roy ‎– Touch And Go
9. Various ‎– Acapella Anonymous Vol. #1
10. Black Ivory / Lenny Williams ‎– Main Line / Running