Rhode & Brown Munich City GuideFriedrich Trede & Stephan Michael Braun are Rhode & Brown, a young DJ and producer duo who’ve been making some tasty House and Disco tunes for the likes of Let’s Play House and Toy Tonics. We asked the guys to take us round their favourite bits of their hometown of Munich for the next instalment in our City Guides series.

Check out their new super smooth Snabsnus EP on Toy Tonics which is out now.
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Club Charlie Munich
1. Club Charlie

For us Charlie is the best club in Munich at the moment and after the closing of Kong (where we had our monthly residency for more than 3 years) and the booker changing at Bob Beaman club actually the only place to go right now. But it’s always worth it. Great resident DJs like the guys from Public Possession, Manuel Kim and Benjamin Röder. Friedrich is also hosting a monthly night there called Zanzibar. The vibe is great, the bookings are always on point and the location is amazing with good drinks, a good sound system, this dope LED lights and always a lot of beautiful women.

2. Public Possession Records

As mentioned before, this nice and small record shop is run by Marvin & Valentino. They always have a fine music selection of all different kinds and stuff you mostly wouldn’t find yourself or at the usual online shops. Every now and then they do instore sessions at the shop with artist that are playing in Munich (mostly Charlie), where everyone can stop by, have some free beer, a talk, check out the records and listen to good music by great djs. And if you haven’t done yet, be sure to check out there own record label Public Possession as well – you will never be disappointed.

Munich City Guide Public Possession Records

Zum Koreaner Munich City Guide
3. Zum Koreaner

Friedrich couldn’t do a list like this without mentioning this small Korean restaurant called simply “Zum Koreaner“… which basically just means “At the Korean”. Since he did an internship at Gomma Records / Toy Tonics five years ago and the guys from the label where always going there for dinner, he never missed a month without at least one or two meals there. Be sure to grab a “Gnang Pungi” or the “Duk Begin BiBimbap” there … mhmmm!

4. Residenz Theater

The Residence Theatre is one of Munich’s most popular and respected theaters. It’s a splendid building right in the middle of the city, next to the opera and Stephan’s favourite place to watch a good play. Especially after work, as the 5 star hotel he is a manager at is right next to it in the Maximilianstraße.

Residenz Theater Munich City Guide

Fugazi No.15 Munich City Guide

5. Fugazi No.15

Not much to say but that it’s Stephens favourite place to grab a Pizza. It not really cheap, but always worth it and also quite near to the place where we live together.
Try the Pizza Pruscitto Crudo ‐ Tutto bene!