We asked Tobias Lidström, owner of the Omena Records label, to give us his perfect Sunday Chill playlist. Being the music nerd that he is he’s really gone in on the feature and delivered a bumper edition of our laidback feature. There’s a proper variety and depth to his selections here so get comfortable and dive in for the rest of the day. Make sure you hit up Omena on Bandcamp for a really special label that’s doing some really cool stuff! Exciting times too as there’s a ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ compilation coming up before the year is over.


Jens Johansson – Lullaby
Not only did Jens and his brother Anders record and tour with Yngwie ”You’ve released the fucking fury” Malmsteen for many years, he also recorded one amazing solo piano album with ten improvised songs that is quite special.


E.S.T. – From Gagaring’s Point Of View
I could easily pick any song this group has recorded. Esbjörn Svensson Trio is, hands down, my favorite trio of all time.

Pharaoh Sanders – Love Will Find A Way
Listening to Pharaoh Sanders is something I need to do every now and then.

Boulderdash – Window Of Opportunity
Swedish downbeat or what you may want to call it, from 2000. I remember hearing this on the radio and recorded it on tape, listening to it many times before I could find the CD (remember those?).

Drum Island – Ear Bubbles
Trio with good ol’ Rune Lindbæk as the conductor. 19 years after it’s release it still sounds great and there’s small things to discover every time you listen to it.

Leroy Hutson – So Nice
Speaking of Rune Lindbæk, his old band ”Those Norwegians” sampled this track and released on Paper Recordings way back. I’ve always loved this original, it’s a classic yes.

America – Are You There
Most people think of ”Horse With No Name”, ”Tin Man” or maybe ”Ventura Highway” but I’ve preferred this one.

Niels Lan Doky – Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen – Alex Riel – Misty Dawn
More emo jazz or tranquility if you want. I taught myself to play on both bass and piano, so anyone wants to hire me for their party – email ;)

Joni Mitchell – Coyote
From the album Hejira, one of my favourite albums to play at home. Bonus info – I first came across this at a record fair once looking for jazz records and recognised the bass player and thought, why not, I’ll give it a try.

Bjorn Torske – Bobla
Norwegian dub at it’s finest. The type of music you should listen to while filling up the bathtub.

Johan Beltran – Collage Of Dreams
John Beltran is a genius and has released some amazing music thru the years. Released on Peacefrog Records in 1996. I wonder what Ben Clocks music would sound like if he gave this a listen.

Matthew Herbert & Dani Siciliano – The Last Beat
I don’t know where to start really. Herbert is one of my all time favorites and if he would sample the sound of a crow farting and release it I would probably buy it.  Maybe it’s in here somewhere too. Love the track still.

Mos Def feat Vinia Mojica – Climb
I don’t only play clubs with empty dance floors, I also play in bars and this I’ve had in my record bag and played pretty much since it was released.

Oscar Peterson & Nelson Riddle – My Foolish Heart
Oscar & Nelson, what a combo. There’s of course 1000 versions of this but none is as delicate as this I think.

Jono McCleery – Tomorrow (Edit)
I wanted to pick something from Ninja Tune, a label I’ve always had lot’s of respect for and followed. This was included on a box set released back in 2010, I ate noodles for a few months after buying it but it was worth it.

Ellen McIlwaine – Underground River
Must admit I didn’t know much about Ellen but when I found out she made a track about Jimi Hendrix (I played in a band that only did Hendrix covers, it didn’t last long). I had to check her out. This is excellent.


Rugged Nuggets – Yo Todo Tu Yo
Also something recent that sounds like it could have been recorded many, many years ago.

Gil Scott-Heron – A Sign Of The Agers
This is one of those songs I heard out late at night in a café and instantly feel in love with but I was stupid enough not to ask the name of the track. Which was good in a way because I had to dig thru every Gil Scott release to find it.

Mulatu Astatke – Yekatit
Stone cold groove, this sounds like something the bad guy in James Bond would groove too.

Kendra Lou & The Miracles – Be Kind To Your Mind (Red Astaire Remix)
The baseline on this is ridiculous, if you want to have a little Sunday boogie this is perfect.

Bob James & Earl Klugh – Kari
One of those, hate it or love it tracks. Also sounds like ”Hey, let’s take 25 different themes from popular soaps and make one great track.”

Owusu and Hannibal – Le Fox
Gold from Denmark. The whole album ””Living With…” is great, released 10 years ago and was way ahead of it’s time.

Free Life – There’s Something Better
Another classic. This is feel good music that will make everyone in the room smile. One of those tracks that you dance one step back and two steps forward too.

CFCF – Pleasure Centre
There’s a part in this song, from 2.54 to 5.16    It gives me the same feeling as when you run 100 meters in school and actually didn’t end up last and felt proud and smiled inside.

Michael Franks – The Lady Wants To Know
More smooth jazz. There’s something about the harmonies and the way he sings. He could probably just name a lot of different cheeses and it would still sound fab.

Laibach – Across The Universe
I guess you can get shot by saying this, but I never been a fan of The Beatles. This is as close as I come, a cover by Laibach. This I like a lot though.

Theo Parrish – Long Walk In Your Sun
This is a great example of Theo’s music and how it can go on forever without loosing the feeling. It’s there instantly and never leaves.

Bola – Aguilla
Another track I heard on radio many years ago and recorded on tape and had for some time before I tracked down the real thing. It sounds pretty amazing if you listen to it in complete darkness.

Doris Days – To Ulrike M (Zero 7)
I’ve always liked Zero 7 remixing more rather than their original tracks. Are you allowed to say that? I’m probably one of the few owning this record in Sweden too since you can find copies in every 2nd hand store.

Slowdive – Catch The Breeze
This reminds me a lot of my years as a student. I bought the album, Just for a Day, as a birthday present to myself and then tried hard to get into the whole shoegaze thing. Sitting at home playing guitar with too much reverb. It was probably awful and never worked since I’m not in a shoegaze band today.

The Montgolfier Brothers – Journey’s End
Very simple but neat pop song.

Fela Kuti – Na Poi
Originally banned by the Nigerian Broadcasting Company for its taboo sexual lyrics and also one of those tracks a lot of people ask you ”I like this, what is the song about?”

Jaco Pastorius – Continuum
This track I actually managed to learn while playing bass in school, probably the only thing I learned to be fair.

Fila Brazilia – Soft Music Under The Stars
First time I came across Fila and Pork Recordings was at this second hand store and this guy in front of me in the cue tried to sell them to the store owner but the owner didn’t want to buy and said something ”no one listens to Pork these days, people want Artful Dodger”. I tapped they guy on the shoulder and said ”Can I have a look”. 5 minutes later I walked out from the store with this record.

Stateless – Falling into (Swell Session Mix)
Early Freerange release by this kid Andreas Saag. Someone said he lives in Berlin and collect flutes.

Horace Andy – Spying Glass
People talk about lo-fi house…pff…this is true lo-fi. I love a bit of dub in the morning with my coffee.

Love Potion – This Love
I found out about this record not that long ago but who cares. It’s perfection.

Chick Corea & Gary Burton – Crystal Silence
I used to play a lot of this stuff at DJ gigs in the beginning when the club open. Sometimes people came up to me and asked when the real DJ would start, other times they asked if there was a second room. Nowadays I play this to myself at home.

Nancy Wilson – Sunshine
Such a jam, this track really sneaks up on you, grabs you by the hip and then puts you down on the floor. Maybe one day you will se me at the karaoke booth singing it.

Atelje – Bones
Solo effort from Dan Lisswik who used to be in the band Studio which most of you might have heard. Bonus story – I once worked at a company that had the same name (Studio), my colleague decided to contact the band and ask if he could buy the name – and got a reply – sure, if you pay 150.000.

Hiroshi Satoh – Say Goodbye
Killer boogie, that vocoder and those vocal harmonies. Sun in a box.

Software – Island – Sunrise
Adam (Admin / Omena artist) introduced me to this thing called Vaporwave. I still to this day don’t know if it’s true or just a hoax. This on the other hand is true.

Bill Evans Trio – Detour Ahead
Everyone knows Waltz For Debby from this album so I thought I’d pick another one. Every song on this album is complete. In fact, this could be one of the best albums ever made.

Madura – My Favorite Things/Funky Broadway
I talked about favourite sections in tracks before, this is another one. From 2.29 after annoying all jazz haters out there with the My Favorite Things covers it transforms into this snake charming track, it’s impossible not to smile.

Stanley Clarke – Life Is Just Game
Once I had this dream where Stanley Clarke came to me and said I had to stop playing bass because I would never be the best, then he started drilling in my arms. I didn’t play for a very long time after that, it really scared me. I still love his music.

Golden Retriever – Neo Turf Masters
Shameless self promotion here from Omena. I’ve been listening to Golden Retriever every day for a good year now. The album Capablanca out now on our bandcamp.

Jim James – The World’s Smiling Now
Something new I heard on radio and liked. It does not happen to often but it’s probably because I go backwards in time listening to music rather than forward.