Every Wednesday at DC-10 during the summer months, Paradise hold fort beneath the Ibiza airport flight path¬†alongisde Hot Creations king pin, Jamie Jones, to hold down one of Ibiza’s biggest residencies…

“Sometimes we wonder if it was even real. The Virtual Trip of the last twelve months passed in what seemed like two days, there must have been a glitch in the atmosphere. As we touch back down on Planet Paradise so much has changed. Plant life has engulfed our cityscape resulting in an overgrown urban utopia, its streets overrun by tripped-out neon animals thriving in a habitat all their own. Little else has survived. We are living in an Electric Jungle and we need back-up, will you join us?”

We did.

We took up the offer to join Jones during the second week of his Paradise DC-10 summer stint, for which he was assisted by some of the usual Hot Creations crew (Richy Ahmed, Detlef) alongside Mathew Dear, Riva Starr, and Peggy Gou!

Upon arrival we had been told to expect a hefty queue, but after stepping out of our “taxi” in the balmy evening air at 11pm we walked straight into the club, no queue, and no questions. Off to a good start. Familiarising ourselves with our new surroundings, we found a collection of well stocked and even better staffed bars on the terrace. Room 2 was fairly deserted and Room 1 half full early on, so we took stock on the terrace as anticipation amongst the group began to build.

The first, and also the last, impression from the evening was… it’s fucking loud in DC-10! Clear, and fully rounded, but dB beyond what you’d get anywhere in the UK. It’s compounded by the hard surfaces throughout, but as the rooms filled up with supple tanned human flesh the balance of the system settled, and we managed to remove the ear plugs, and let our rib cages resonate.

It was around this time that Peggy Gou stepped up to the booth and really started to engage the crowd. Too often these days DJ sets lurch from bangor to bangor, with effects overly driven, layered to provide break downs without bass, only for a slamming 4-4 to return. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good break down just as much as the next man, but for them to be truly effective they need to be tempered, and used in conjunction with thoughtful track selection to become effective. If you’re just slamming from one to the next… are you actually mixing?
The value of this approach was exemplified by Peggy that evening. Working through Marcellus Pitmann style P-Funk, Minimal Acid, Afro-Beat, and throwing in some of her own production for good measure (her remix of Shy Luv – Time sounded insanely good on that system) she led us on a merry dance, which none of us wanted to end. I raise my glass to you Peggy, that was the set of the season so far.

It was down to Mathew Dear (room 2) and Jamie Jones (room 1) to see us out, and by sun-rise we had smiles permanently etch upon our faces, whilst we recounted tales of encounters with people we met along the way… the request for back-up to this particular Electric Jungle was gladly received, and we now await deployment again next season. Thank you DC-10… you will live long in the memory.