1. The Cinematic Orchestra – Awakening of a Woman

I’ve tried to make this playlist in some kind of order and I thought this would be the ideal thing to kick a lazy Sunday off.  Big fan of Cinematic Orchestra, and this was from the the Album, The Man With The Moving Camera which I have listened to loads over the years and this is probably my favourite track from it… no clever anecdote behind this one for me just a great piece of music.


2. Land Of Light – Bell Rock Outpost (Seahawks Remix)

From a record label thats has released some excellent music in the last few years ESP, a pretty varied output but the quality is always very high. This Seahawks remix is just so dreamy it could be a perfect record to watch the sunset to.


3. Nick Drake – Riverman

My friend Dan Ward from Acid Mondays and Negghead fame put me on to Nick Drake when we were at university and I’ve been learning more about him ever since. Amazingly beautiful, deep and thoughtful music. It’s such a shame Nick Drake left this earth so early. 


4. Hints – José González

There are songs on this album that have been played to death and kind of spoiled in a way but I don’t think this has yet .. anyway I’m always in awe of a talent like Jose Gonzalez, his skills as a guitarist and a song writer and to be able to deliver those word with such feeling and power but at the same time being so subtle…

Seeing him live a few years ago with my wife was an amazing experience, everyone hanging off every note that you could have heard a pin drop.


5. Khruangbin – Mr White

These guys have been a bit of soundtrack to my trips to Croatia the last couple of summers. This year we were lucky enough to share a stage after them and then go hear them play a very special sunrise set by the water at The Love International Festival. They sound just as good live… a rare, rare thing!


6. Kings of Convenience – Gold for the Price of Silver (Erot Collaboration)

When I used to work at 2020 Vision the then label manager Andy Whittaker used to play this in the morning a lot. Beautiful record that turned me on to lots more Kings of Convenience stuff,  Erot and lots of other music that came out on Telle´.


7. Jamie Lidell – What´s The Use?

Jamie Liddell is such an incredible talent and truly one of a kind. He’s released several great albums but this was the one that did it for me. Seeing him on Sunday at The Big Chill About 10 years ago was amazing so he has to make it onto the Sunday Chill list 😀


8. William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got (original)

Truly a classic record. No debate about it. for this playlist I’ve tried to think of things I’d really want to hear lazing about on a Sunday doing nothing… and this is probably tops the list if I had to pick just one. It always makes me feel better for listening to it.


9. Alena – Learn To Get By (Ron Basejam Remix)

How this has never become a big ‘underground’ record I will never know! To be honest I’m not even sure it even had a proper release. The amazing vocal talent that is Alena and Ron Basejam at the peak of his remix power… For me it kind of out-Moodymann’s Moodaymann! The combination of melancholy and uplift is what makes this song so special.


10. Vangelis – Let It Happen (Beatfanatic Remix)

The Original Vangelis record is an awesome piece of music but I just like this re-version so much more, it’s a really great example of what can happen when another talented musician in their own right approaches a song from a place of love and respect. This track will always remind me of the early years of the Garden Festival in Petracane, Croatia. Many good times had and many good friends made!

Lovely selection of bliss bombs from PBR Streetgang’s Bonar there…