We caught up with Tender Games to give us a run through their idea of a perfect Sunday Chill playlist… first five songs selected by HRRSN, the other five songs by Marlon Hoffstadt.

1.  Gil Scott Heron – We Almost Lost Detroit

My first pick is Gil Scott Heron’s We Almost Lost Detroit because it combines great musicality with a deep message in a way that feels effortless.

2.  Barrington Levy – Whom Shall I Be Afraid Of

Had this in our house as a white label for some reason and when I stumbled upon it I listened to it almost every day. In fact I slowed it down which made it even more intense.

3.  Lightnin’ Hopkins – I’m Going to Build Me a Heaven of My Own

There is nothing like the blues and what this man does with just his guitar and voice is simply overwhelming.

4.  Janet Jackson – Got ’til it’s Gone

This song changed my view of the world a bit. The video portrays a picture of African culture in a way that was not sexist and had a raw feel. Even though it was shot in the US – the director took his inspiration from a Black Magazine from South Africa.

5. Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy, Jr.

Where do you even begin with this one. I love Sufjan Stevens and this is a beautiful, haunting song about a Serial Killer. I tend to think it is more about the Serial Killer in all of us.

6. Dean Blunt – The Narcissist feat. Inga Copeland

Dean Blunt aka Babyfather aka Hype Williams is probably one of my favourite artists at this moment. He’s simply not giving a shit about everything and does whatever he wants to do. That being said, I think you can also really hear that in his music, it always has this “jamming around” feeling and easiness in it.

7. Childish Gambino – III. urn

Simply beautiful, i think there is no need to add more!

8. Charles Bradley – Changes

Being a fan of a now well known artist from the very first moment is probably something everyone is very proud of. So it came that I went to a Charles Bradley concert for the second time, this time together with my mother. At the moment he started playing songs from his new and upcoming album, that is now out under the name “Changes” I really couldn’t take it anymore. This was probably one of the most emotional moments I ever had at a concert, and both me and my mother had tears in our eyes :) From then on I kept listening to that song, and it never lost its magic.

9. Death In Vegas – Dirge

One of the trippiest tracks in my playlist :)

10. Taylor Mcferrin – Florasia

I’m so in love with his beats and voice. Thanks to my flatmate Matteo Luis for showing me his album

Tender Games are part of the SUOL crew in Berlin and have recently done a pretty stellar chilled mix for their podcast series… after you’re done with the above then we recommend hitting play straight away on the below!