Bristol based selectors and purveyors of all things nice Banoffee Pies have given us their ideal Sunday Chill playlist and its a doozy! We’re loving some of the reasons they’ve picked these tracks too 👌🏼

1. The Independents – Leaving Me

Aside from the Independents being great, I’d recommend waking up to this. And If you fancy crying yourself into a joyous morning tuck into some eggs and look out the window. Genuinely accompanies the mood very well.

2. Little Dragon – Constant Surprises

Cult classic from one of the most talented groups and performers to bless the world of indie music. It doesn’t get old and we love Little Dragon. No surprises actually – this has groove.

3. Brenda & The Big Dudes – Weekend Special

When Friday arrives, and you’re feeling like “oh yeah”. Kick off your socks business. Brenda and The Big Dudes don’t give a f**k.

4. Kamuran Akkor & Umit Aksu Orkestrasi-Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz (Baris K edit)

Original Turkish flavours on this. A delicious edit from the man Baris K, play this anytime of day to increase sleaze levels if necessary. Would recommend, always.

5. Original Tropicana Steel Band – Calypso Rock

Full board calypso, bongo, steel drum, beach side loving – GEM. You can grab this in edit form from the Velvet Seasons & The Hearts Of Gold own label Resista – the discogs sharks aren’t looking too friendly on the original copy.

Urbs & Cutex - Up & Down

6. Urbs & Cutex – Up & Down

Smooth like butter from a very underrated duo, was a task to decide which track to pick from the album – all fire!

Nightmares on Wax - Groove St

7. Nightmares on Wax – Groove St.

An all time favourite down tempo jam from the master – expertly sampled from a spooky underground 90’s house pumper. As the name suggests she’s a straight groover.

Arts The Beatdoctor - Blending Quality

8. Arts The Beatdoctor – Blending Quality

A wacked out prescription from Arts The Beatdoctor, deliciously distorted synth action.

Exile - It's Coming Down

9. Exile – It’s Coming Down

Lazy beats from Exile with more sampled vocal cuts than you can shake a stick at.

Jon Kennedy - Funk Construction

10. Jon Kennedy – Funk Construction

Killer jam from the mad man that is Jon Kennedy, soft strings, keys and airy flute is order of the day on this one.