susumu-yokota-sakuSasumun Yokota – Saku

Beautiful lo-fi ambient soundscape from this Japanese artist, who unfortunately passed last year. A landmark artist in the experimental electronic scene.

the-cinematic-orchestra-ma-fleurThe Cinematic Orchestra – Ma Fleur

From one of their best albums. The Cinematic Orchestra always have brilliant arrangements.

shigeto-pulseShigeto – Pulse

Wonderful textures all throughout this track with just the perfect amount of warm synths to richen the mood.

erykah-badu-didnt-cha-knowErykah Badu – Didn’t Cha Know

So easy to get lost in. I feel in love with this track in high school, was so refreshing and organic. Her vocals are one of the best of our time.

burial-four-tet-mothBurial & Four Tet – Moth

Underwater lo-fi slow 2-step that you can have on repeat for days. This track doesn’t feel like 9 minutes, probably because its so easy to zone out to it, in a good way.

natural-blues-mobyMoby – Natural Blues

I grew up listening to Moby. My family would always have him blasting through the house around dinner time. Every time I listen to him he takes me back to those memories.

mark-pritchard-sad-alronMark Pritchard – Sad Alron

This track really feels like a theme to something you haven’t seen, the same feeling you get from Boards of Canada.

little-dragon-twiceLittle Dragon – Twice

The beautiful vocals and lyrics from Yukimi, with a simple and memorable piano melody throughout the piece. Also a wonderful and captivating visual to go with it.

georgia-anne-muldrow-sans-vacayGeorgia Anne Muldrow – Sans Vacay

An extremely talented producer/singer/song writer. We have such respect for Georgia. She is such a positive person and a great role model for women wanting to get into production.

gabriel-garzon-montano-pour-mamanGabriel Garzón-Montano – Pour Maman

We’ve been listening to this EP a lot since it’s release in 2014. Gabriel is a brilliant song writer and vocalist who uses great contrast between happy melodies and sad lyrics. Never really know whether to feel happy or sad in his music.

The Melbourne cousins have picked out a great selection as we knew they would… If you’ve yet to check out their music then you’re in for a treat. Skippy electronic productions from Jack overlayed with Chloe’s beautiful chilled vocals are the perfect way to continue on your Sunday Chill journey. They are currently on a UK, Europe and US tour as well so if you like what you heard here then make sure you head out to see them on tour.