The Eton Messy lads dropped by to give us a run down on one of their favourite artists ever, their favourite tracks and why they are so influencial to them:

“We decided to pick the legend that is Todd Edwards. Quite simply because he is a legend. Garage god, Grammy Winner, Daft Punk collaborator… What more do we need to say!”


Todd Edwards – Guide My Soul [1993 Nervous Records]

This one comes all the way from 1993! Deep infectious Bass grooves and bumpy beats combined with spiritual phrases. Still sounds fresh after all these years. One of the first songs where he started sampling his drums which made his tracks really stand out.


St Germain – Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards Dub Mix) [1995 F Communications]

Arguably one of the tracks that had the most impact over in the UK and Europe and apparently drew the attention of Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk.


Todd Edwards – Saved My Life [1995 i! Records]

Recently watched a RBMA Q&A with TE and it was really interesting to hear that this track was a product of Louie Vega and Barbara Tucker influences. Such a groover! Its scary to think that this track almost never got released either.


Wildchild – Jump To My Beat (Todd Edwards Jump Remix) [1996 Hi Life Recordings]

So this remix is TE’s take on disco and Latin sounds. Its great to hear his stabs and chops across a different vibe. Still sounds very much like a Todd Edwards track though which is cool.


Sound of One – As I Am (Todd Edwards Mix) [1998 Locked On Records]

Straight up Classic for all you UK Garage heads out there!


Daft Punk – Face to Face [2001 Discovery]

After Todd got a shout out on a previous Daft Punk track they hit him up to collaborate on “Face to Face” which also features his vocals too. This was the first of 2 collaborations between Daft Punk and Todd Edwards.


Todd Edwards – No Place Like London [2012 Sweat It Out]

This is a personal favourite of ours. Coincidently we heard this in a DJ EZ mix about 3 years ago when heading to London for a show. After that it became our staple tune when pulling into London in the car!


Todd Edwards – Hold The Faith [2012 Body High]

This is such a tune. The thing that instantly drew us to this track is the super choppy vocals that dance all over the track. This was probably one of the first Todd Edwards tracks that we knowingly listened to.


Jesse Ware – No To Love (Todd Edwards Remix) [2012 PMR]

Completely forgot about this remix. This got a serious amount of spins in sets when it came out. Its also great to hear TE’s style on a popular track of recent times.


Daft Punk – Fragments of Time [2013 Columbia Records]

Number 2 of his collaborations with Daft Punk. Once again Todd on the vocals for this. Quite a different vibe on this one. Apparently his vocals were recorded on the same microphone that Frank Sinatra sang on!

Some quality picks from the Eton Messy duo there… Make sure you catch them on their IN:SEASON Tour which is now in full swing, stopping off this weekend in Manchester.