Interview : Keinemusik and their 5th Anniversary : Workparty Five

Meet the Keinemusik team coming straight out of Berlin with their trusted brand of sounds that are hard to nail down into any genre. The gang includes Rampa, David Mayer, Adam Port, &ME, Reznik and more who are all celebrating crossing the line on their 5th year together as the Keinemusik collective and we caught up with them around their latest staple anniversary Workparty release.

Hi guys,
First off a big congratulations on hitting the 5 year milestone!
Where are you speaking to us from right now?

Right now we are sitting in our studio at Stattbad Wedding and recovering from last weekend.

Can you tell us how you guys all got together to set up Keinemusik?

Rampa made it happen in the first place and had the name already in his mind for some time. David Mayer was one of his old time buddies. They are both coming from Freiburg originally. The connection to &ME came to place at the Trixx Studios in Berlin. A mutual friend of Adam and Rampa linked them together and Reznik was a friend of Adam. Everything happened naturally in the flow of the Berlin nightlife and music scene.

So to celebrate the 5 year anniversary you’ve picked your top tracks for us… Can you tell us a little bit more about how the tracks happened and why they are you favourites?

Adam Port: “No Pain” was my first contribution our Workparty Releases in the first year of Keinemusik’s existence. The vocals are coming from Shandy Mandies, a garage-rockband from Leipzig. I’m really into them and I was happy to use some of their vocals. This is one of my favorites and I’m still playing this tune in my sets from time to time.

Rampa: I would go for “AY”, originally released on our Workparty Four in 2013. I recorded this one with heavy use of the KD7, our self built delay. All the delays and effect rides have been laid down with the KD7. Producing it was something like the final test for the gadget.

&ME: “Everless”. I started this track on a lazy afternoon while surfing trough some old samples that i recorded years ago. Our assistant Julia was sitting next to me because our studio was really small and was complaining about the noise. Not with words – just with her eyes. I found this dirty tom drum that became the fundament of the track and while digging deeper at ultra low volume the meditation mood of “Everless” took shape.

David Mayer: I go for “Machinedrum Calypso” on Workparty Four. One evening I was sitting on the couch at my friend’s Marcel place, playing around with an Elektron Machinedrum he had there. I was programming some loops, skipping through some presets… when Marcel entered the room his reaction made clear that those shakers and tomgrooves were jacking pretty well. We only yet did not know how to save a scene in the Machinedrum and were worried that it would be deleted when switching the device off. So the only way for me to get the tracks seemed to be letting it stay turned on, until Marcel finally found time to record the single tracks for me a few days later… he sent me the stems, and as a reference to the groove, he named them “Machinedrum_Calypso”. I still feel like I owe him for that ;)

You’re artwork is always really cool! Who is the graphic designer amongst you? Can you pick a favourite one from your releases? The slipmats look amazing too!!!

Monja Gentschow is her name and she is also a part of the keinemusik crew. Monja is taking care of the artwork since day one. Everyone of us has his own favorite! Monja did so many good covers and flyers over the last 5 years. But the slipmats are very good indeed, we had a big feedback on them and they sold out quickly. But we’re do a repress of the slipmats as we speak ;)


Do you guys get to play much in London? How was the Workparty Five Launch party here? When are you next over?

We are playing mostly 1 time a year in every town. The Abode party with Saved at Studio 338 was really good! The location is so cool and it was a good vibe all over the dancefloor. It was a daytime party and it had some kind of afterhour feeling. We’re totally into this daytime thing! We will come back to your town in the beginning of 2015 to Egg London.

Now that you’ve hit 5 years can you tell us your plans for the next 5?

Doing the same thing but on the next level.

If you could throw a dream party for your 10th Anniversary what would you do and where would you have it?

We would love to do it not only in one place! A world tour with all 6 members would be the perfect thing!

Thanks again guys an keep the amazing music up!


Here’s guestmix from Rampa and David Mayer from the SB archives…

Keinemusik – Workparty Four


Keinemusik turn 20 in style with this celebratory VA release… David Mayer, &ME, Adam Port and Rampa all contribute new special pumping tracks and its a definite addition for anyone’s collection. Always been a fan of this German crew of mates and their output and this one doesn’t disappoint. Long may the Keinemusik team keep the party going!