BREAKBOT – Programme (b-side of forthcoming single)

Holy crap people! There’s some brand new Breakbot just around the corner as his new debut album has just been announced! Not a moment too soon as the summer is on the verge of kicking the shit out of winter and taking centre stage for the next few months.
You can check out the typically groovy frenchmen’s b-side track Programme below which will appear on Breakbot’s new By Your Side album expected in September 2012.


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Azari & III: Album Review

“It’s been a long, long while…” is how this long awaited album opens. Rightly so…feels like a long time since anyone’s released an album with a sound like this. I can promise you one thing, if you’re already a fan you will not be disappointed.

This self titled debut album is hugely refreshing. Reviving that long lost 80s acid house sound and combining it with contemporary techno beats and Robert Owen-esq vocals (courtesy of the wonderful Cedric). Each track is powerful be it with a catchy piano riff (Reckless With Your Love), deeeeeep samples (Indigo), strong acid vibes (Infiniti), an EPIC intro (Manhooker) or bouncy tribal beats (Lost in Time).

‘Undecided’ was a track that was brand new to me and even that was different…a big rave track with 80s synths and dramatic drops.

Overall this album has SO many different facets and influences. And that’s exactly what an album should consist of right? My final word…They’ve done the likes of Larry Heard and Adonis proud! It’s out 29th July on Modular!

1. Into the night
2. Reckless (With Your Love)
3. Tunnel Vision
4. Indigo
5. Lost in Time
6. Infiniti
7. Change of Heart
8. Manhooker
9. Undecided
10. Hungry for the power
11. Manic

Listen to the full album below:

Azari & III by modularpeople