Found Festival 2014 Review

Only just into its second year Found Festival is already set to become a must go to event in the London dance music calendar… in our book anyways. Having been to the very first one last year we couldn’t wait to get down to Haggerston Park to see what the organisers had in store for us in 2014.

Saturday finally arrived and annoyingly it started raining as midday came which made us wonder if it was going to be a bit of a wash out… it did affected Found Festival last year but hey this is England and you gotta get on with it! So we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best as we left our HQ in Dalston to head down the road to Haggerston Park. When we arrived at the site after a thorough pat down from the securitah team it was as if the big man upstairs had heard us mumble about the weather earlier and the clouds parted to give us some great beams of sun for the rest of the afternoon. This immediately lifted everyone’s spirits and got everyone into the sun fuelled outdoor dancing vibe that would finally kick off the summer season.

Found Festival 2

(In fact a lot of people were cheering the sun coming out more than the main stage DJ’s drops at the time… A mumsy Cassy was left holding a little smile time and time again as her monster Techno bangers came rolling in to a chatting crowd.)

Cassy Found Festival

We did a bit of stage hopping to kick the afternoon off… Found regulars Bicep were taking care of the house business in the Love Fever tent followed by Moodyman but the volume just wasn’t enough to really get you into the swing of things which was a shame. The crowd just didn’t seem to get the Detroit man’s original deep house direction either so we high tailed it over to the No Fit State tent and got as far forward as we could where the volume seemed to be a lot beefier. Four cans down and a rather pumping set from Anja Schneider and we were definitely getting into the swing of things.

No Fit State
Found Festival 4

The sun was pretty much perfect by this point so realising we could dance in the dark whenever we wanted we headed out to the main stage where we remained for the rest of the afternoon bar any trips to the toilets. We had cushty press bands which meant VIP access and supposedly better toilets. (I still don’t really understand how people get so ferral when it comes to festival toilets but yeh 2 inches of piss drenched floors for your £75 VIP tickets would have pissed me off a bit if I’d paid for them.)

For the remainder of the afternoon we were going for it thanks to last minute substitute Artwork who took over from an absent Heidi… He played big crowd friendly classics that got people smiling and dancing ready for some Gangster House courtesy of DJ Sneak. The main stage was a sea of happy people as Crosstown Rebels boss Damian Lazarus took over for the final slot of the day and played a great set of weird and wonderful tracks that he’s so well known for now. He even finished up the day’s partying with his brand new special Bolly-House number… Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – Lovers’ Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya)… it went down a treat and has been stuck in my head ever since!

Damian Lazarus

Overall it was another triumph for the team that is doing such great work with the dance festival scene in London these days. 1 down… 1 more to go… Closing up the London Summer party schedule is the brand new Ceremony.
We can’t wait for that :)
If you’ve got the weekend free then get yourself down with some mates for a wicked day out dancing to some top quality House and Techno… Just pray the weather’s good!

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Found festival 5

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