Beatport Pro – First Look at Streaming Service

We got an invite to have a look over Beatports latest incarnation Beatport Pro. So from first look it’s a responsive remake with the same design & DNA as it’s current version. That means it’ll work on all your devices & be accessible from anywhere which is a massive boon.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 15.42.19

It’s all about the streaming

Streaming wise you can also get full tracks & make a queue to listen to over on Beatport, now this in itself isn’t massively innovative – however this element is soo well done you could easily use this to replace Spotify, Soundcloud or Mixcloud as your go-to browser based streaming platform. Now that ladies & gentlemen is big news, late to the party maybe. But with the amount of content Beatport has this is going to carry some sway for those interested in Beatports dance music orientated offering. This connection of the dots between streaming & purchase all on the same platform is pretty powerful & with all the labels, artists etc already inplace I think Beatports future is pretty rosy. Although sadly unless they start making computers named after a fruit they aren’t going to get the kind of integration to take over the market.

You still get the dj charts, mixes, sample packs, etc etc. Oh and the main ‘chart’ that makes me wish I’d never heard a kickdrum, but hey you can’t help whats popular.

The beta should open up soon so I’d suggest you get yourself over there when it does and make up your own mind.

Give us a follow too in case it takes off ;)