The Revenge (live) – Limited Edition Cassette mix

The Revenge is a merch mastermind and we love his work when it comes to his dedication to creating the coolest limited edition products that he sells through his Roar Groove shop. From stickers to unbelievably well designed gate fold vinyl albums all the way through to proper retro physical mixtapes. Take his last mix that was a live recording at Prince Charles in Berlin… lovingly transferred to electric blue cassette with carefully considered packaging and inner sleeve. Yours to hold in your hands for only £6

5 Alternatives To The “Berghain On The Thames”

It goes without saying that the UK is a mecca for dance music culture. We have behemoths such as Sankeys, Fabric and Corsica Studios.

But we’re still missing one thing – our very own Berghain.

A crowdfunding campaign to turn a disused fort on the Thames into a “Berghain in the sea” picked up pace yesterday, and it’s a welcome bit of pressure to give the UK a real techno hideout. Let’s be honest though, with a target of £750,000, it isn’t looking like this dream will become a reality – with an address like ‘No1, The Thames’, it’ll more than likely be snapped up by some oil tycoon that will transform it into a bouji swag pad.

The building itself is a tiny component of what makes clubs like Berghain special, but there are loads of places in London and around the UK that have the wow factor that the Berlin club has.

Read on for 5 buildings desperate for a Berghain makeover…

[INTERVIEW] Berlin’s Watergate Resident, La Fleur


To the “Miami bros” and “Manchester Hoes” hoping to get crunk in Berlin, a malevolent glare is given and a standard “nicht heute Nacht” (not tonight) is uttered. To the masses, it’s all very secretive, but that’s what makes the city exciting. My recent interview with Watergate resident, La Fleur, was equally secretive, and pretty concise, but it’s exciting none the less.

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