Bill & Ted – Nasty (Free Download)

The Let’s Play House crew are in a giving mood and for their #TBT they’re making it an audio one rather than just another baby picture…

Nearly four years ago, LPH’s Supreme Leader, Jacques Renault (not to be confused with LPH’s President for Life, Nik Mercer) was slummin’ it in Berlin for a month and started feeling a little homesick, so he linked up with Ryan Cavanagh, a.k.a. Slow Hands, from the Wolf + Lamb and Crew Love teams, who just so happened to be renting the room across the hall. ​Berlin being what it is, the boys were, respectively, subletting Seth Troxler’s and Ryan Crosson​’s pads. And ​​​German TV being what it is, Jacques and Ryan found themselves watching the only English language program: a midnight airing of “Beverly Hills Cop.” Remember that strip club scene? “Hey Philip, gimme kiss baby!” “Don’t move! Turn over!” Gripping stuff. Well, some combination of seeing that, feeling far away from home and a little nostalgic, and an excess of döner kebabs in the gut inspired them to turn off the tube and move the party to the studio, where they cranked out this little gem, an edit of Vanity 6’s “Nasty Girl,” which plays in the background of that part of the flick. For reasons we’ll never understand and that J. and R. have long since forgotten, they assumed the moniker Bill & Ted for the night. Probably could’ve just as well been Garth & Wayne or Tommy & Richard. Whatever the case, history was made right then and there in Kreuzberg, and now we’re sharing it with you.

Party on!