Birmingham hosts a ’24hr Rave Experiment’

Birmingham is a city home to the likes of Steve Lawler, Hannah Wants, Mike Skinner, and of course Alfred Bird, inventor of custard powder – so you know they like a good knees up in the midlands. So it seems fitting for a party city rich in club culture to host ‘The 24hr Rave Experiment’ at arguably the city’s flagship club, The Rainbow.

The concept of the 24 hour party in September is simple – turn up at noon on Saturday, and leave at the same time the following day. Manage to troop through, and you get the full price of your £24 ticket refunded. It sounds like a caner’s paradise, but in reality, it’s for a good cause – for everyone that fails to last 24 hours, 100% of the money will go to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

…and who says promoters don’t care, ey?

The Rainbow venues will be transformed into an indoor/outdoor ‘megaplex’, blocking off an entire street to party on, complete with beaches and turfed areas. There’ll also be the warehouse space, arches, and Rainbow pub venues in use, all accompanied by a fairground. It’s not at all DJ-led, mainly just for a bit of fun.

To those that don’t make it to the end? Well done for trying. To those that last the full 24 hours? Go to bed, and re-evaluate your lives.

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The 24 Hour Rave Experiment
Tickets: £24
Saturday 20th September 12noon – 12noon
The Rainbow Venues, Digbeth, Birmingham