Soulsearching with Michael Ruetten

Carrying on that Sunday vibe Pat was posting earlier this week, I thought I’d introduce one of my favourite radio shows / mix series. Michael Ruetten‘s SoulSearching has been around since 1997 but is often, unfortunately, overlooked on these shores. Consistently amazing, often leftfield, ‘out of Frankfurt’. Heavily associated with that Compost Records & Infracom sound & producing as part of Soul Patrol I think you’ll get where he’s coming from. Stream this months episode below:

Soulsearching 689 – MR deep into the music feat. Noema’s “in the shadow of dreams” mixtape by Soulsearching: Michael Ruetten on Mixcloud


As Christmas day approaches (only six more sleeps), this weekend presents itself as your last chance to party before the impending booze fuelled gorge-fest that is Jesus Christ’s birthday (apparently).
For the London contingent, Flux’s takeover at Brixton’s Plan B on Saturday could not come more highly rated with a slew of cutting edge underground starlets set to take over the two rooms in South London’s buzzing establishment.

In the main room, Flux have called to arms two of Germany’s finest in Nd_Baumecker from the prestigious Ostgut imprint as well Smallville head honchos Smallpeople, joining these will be Madtech’s highly promising youngster: Voyeur. Room two is hosted by the chaps at Saint’s Don’t Sleep who have enlisted Max Graef of Tartelet fame as well as Dickon and Rob Amboule from Odd Socks and Nixwax respectively.

So come warm the cockles of your heart to Plan B’s chunky soundsystem and Smallpeople’s chugging house music.


Revolutions In Sound – Top 5 Reunion Pods



30 pods, over 80 artists, 1 live stream to tune into.

Yes, Revolutions In Sound is back tonight, incorporating an eclectic combo of old and new club cultures on the London Eye, whilst revellers in the silent disco beneath listen in on the live stream…basically, it’s a good excuse to get off your tits on a Thursday night.

Pods such as Boiler Room, Warehouse Project and Fabric will no doubt be getting a lot of attention from the kids gaggin’ to get in with the brands.

 But what about the golden oldies that have helped these nights become what they are today? 

Here is my top 5…

1) Shoom with Danny Rampling, Mark Moore & Ilona Rampling – London’s Shoom was home to the Balaeric house nights that quickly became the home of acid house. Set up by Danny rampling, it lasted 3 years – stories have been told of the night that give you goosebumps. This is THE pioneering night for UK club culture.




2) The Blitz Club with Steve Strange & Princess Julia – Did anybody watch Worried About The Boy? It was a documentary about Boy George and his rise to fame. The club featured was Blitz Club, Steve Strange’s notorious fashionista hangout, with gender-bending New Romantics blending super tacky glamour with the dark side of punk. It all happened between ’79 and ’81, and acted as a fingers up to the punk scene, playing Depeche Mode and Spandau Ballet tunes all night long.


3) Fac51 The Hacienda with Todd Terry, Mike Pickering & Graeme Park – Does this even need a reason why it’s in the top 5? Unarguably the defining ‘northern club’ between ’82 and the early 90s. It was one of the first clubs to play house music from veterans Graeme Park and Mike Pickering, who are still DJing regularly now. They helped pioneer the acid house sound. Let’s hope the gangsters that shut it down don’t turn up…or DJ Sneak.


4) Lost with Richie Hawtin and Steve Bicknell – This night became renowned for its Docklands warehouse parties in the 90s. A far cry from today’s saturated warehouse “raves”, it became an institution, with techno giant Dave Clarke playing there, along with Derrick May.


5) Jive Turkey with Winston Hazel and Parrot – Back before house was house, Winston Hazel and Parrot were dropping imported Chicago grooves at the Sheffield club responsible for the ‘northern bleep sound’. It helped bring black and white people together in the mid 80s, a time when racial tension was rife. Parrot went on to curate the debut release on Warp Records.

Listen to the live stream here:

By Danny Ingham

TERJE BAKKE – J’ADORE EP [Visionquest]


I’m quite the fan of Terje Bakke’s, not only has he got a great name, but he’s also a pretty thrifty producer with a distinct sound and growing fan base. His latest EP dropped on the vicious Visionquest last week and with it the Norwegian prepares to showcase his sound to dance floors worldwide. Terje’s “J’adore” EP is a journey through deep, intricate house music where hypnotic melodies take centre stage – whether it may be the sumptuous guitar licks in the title track or the organ chords in “Nibenay”.

Allegedly, Terje had to take a brief 2 year hiatus from releasing records so as to finish his studies – if that is the case, then I await with eager anticipation what he may have up his sleeve in the future and in the mean time, I’ll lap up this Visionquest release of indisputable fiya. If you like what you hear, support the artist and cop the Terje Bakke – J’adore EP here.