Bubba – Rhythm Control & Nighttraxx (Free Downloads)

Its been a while since we caught up with Jonny Bubba and it turns out he’s just put up a couple of otherworldly free downloads to lose yourself in. First up is Rhythm Control which is a chugtastic hypnotic and delayed synthfest then up next on the free download is Nighttraxx which is a deep and similarly engulfing hypnotic episode that wanders off into a little acid phase.

If you aren’t already keep an eye on Bubba’s Runnin Wild label for some of his top picks

Amine Edge – March 2012 – Promo Mix

If you fancy your clubby bassey kinds of dance music along the lines of Maxxi Soundsystem, Eats Everything and co these days then let me point you in the direction of Amine Edge. The French producer is making cool bassliney house tracks by the bucket load and has signed an absolute pumper called Pop 60 onto BUBBA’s new label called Runnin Wild… expect big things from this guy.
Check the wicked mix he’s put together below… best not listen to it before going to bed though!

FlinkMaPingo with Hannah Holland and BUBBA

Where the hell did that last month get to?! Time is going so quick these days!!! But thats fine when it means that we all get to rave in a Dalston basement until the early hours in the fine company of Batty Bass queen Hannah Holland and a hero of ours BUBBA.
Get down to Visions this Saturday night for some of the best bouncy beats available!
Ticket on Resident Advisor and Ransom Note at only £5!
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Here’s what happened last time Hannah Holland and BUBBA got together making beats… Out now on Batty Bass so grab it on Beatport.

B.U.B.B.A Yello Podcast

So its only a week until we welcome BUBBA to our FlinkMaPingo residency at Dalston’s Visions! He’s currently whipping up quite a frenzy in his native Ireland and has even started his own residency at the massive Yello club.
On 25th Feb he’ll be joined by Hannah Holland to complete the bass filled night of amazing fun!
Hannah is releasing her Batty Bass magic track “Shake It Up’ on the 24th of Feb which also features BUBBA’s touches on the remix…
Have a little taster of what he’s got in his locker below and get your £5 tickets from Resident Advisor or Ransom Note.