Daniel Avery – Sensation / Clear

Wow time flies… its been two years since Dan Avery‘s Drone Logic?! That’s crazy!

Anyways… the increasingly revered producer is back with some brand new dark material and coincidently Phantasy‘s 50th release!

‘Sensation’ develops Avery’s textured dark moody sound further still with echoed soundscapes across vast halls supported robustly by unrelenting techno drums.

This taster has made us hungry for more of his new material that must have been welded in a deep subterranean lair close to the earth’s core over those 2 years!

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The 2 Bears – Bears In Space – Continuous Mix

The 2 Bears have dropped off this sick continuous mix from their latest Bears In Space release.
The crew aboard the 2 Bears Space mission 2015:
The Seahawks, Wrong Island, Sweet Steve, Daniel Avery, Ashley Beedle and Cosmo aka Dark Star, John
Wizards, Alan Moore, Iasos.
We’re also properly in love with the artwork that was illustrated by Pete Fowler!

You can grab the epic new tunes off iTunes right now.

10 Days Off Festival – The Last Waltz : Review

I can’t remember where I first heard of 10 Days Off Festival from but after several years giving in to the allures of Garden Festival in Croatia around the same time each year I decided it would be a nice little change up and set my sights on it last weekend.

For a whole ten days each summer the city of Ghent in Belgium plays host to its own festival imaginatively called Ghent Festival where stages and beer stalls are packed into its beautifully quaint streets and squares. Its more of a folky guitary type of affair which I’m not mega into but its hard not to fall in love with their laid back cycling and drinking vibe all in the confines of some seriously picturesque canals and cobbled streets.

The trip from London is an easy one as you arrive into Brussels in just under 2 hours. Another hour on a connecting train and you’re in Ghent in around 3 hours with no stress. We were staying further north in a pretty sweet Air BnB flat and were within walking distance of the center. Friday afternoon was spent people watching all along the canals and quaffing all the blonde Belgian beers we could in the heat accompanied by some outstanding pork ribs! We spent most of our time just strolling around the streets and trying to get lost in amongst all the randomness of the very polite Belgians.

As night time started rolling in we headed south towards the Vooruit center nestled against yet another canal. See 10 Days off isn’t strictly a festival as you’d expect from the name… its more of a side helping of rave in an otherwise super chilled and laidback city wide street party. Each day over the course of the 10 days the team of techno heads behind the parties invite a pair of big headliners to take over the beautiful hall/theatre which has been fitted out with some hefty speaker rigs. It provides a welcome chance to really go for it and take the party up another notch away from the more family orientated beers and stages around the city center.
On our brief weekend trip we came to see Daniel Avery and Erol Alkan on the Friday followed by Mano Le Tough and Tale Of Us on the Saturday night.

Daniel Avery 10 Days Off

Weirdly the nights couldn’t have been more different from each other. Friday nights in Ghent don’t seem to bring out anywhere near as many people as you’d expect and it was a pretty slow burning party when we went in at around 1am. The music was so quiet that the loosely gathered crowd could quite easily chat amongst themselves. It gradually got going and filled up by 2:30 as Daniel Avery started building towards his brand of techno that saw his album become a firm favourite of ours. Erol Alkan followed suit with a slightly heavier pounding set with not a hint of electro. All round it was a good night but I couldn’t help but feel slightly let down by that night but thought I should maybe have expected it given the polar opposite vibes in the city wide festival.

Erol Alkan 10 Days Off

The following night we were pretty knackered and beered up again from a day in the sun as we headed into Vooruit for the Saturday night.

‘Wow’ was my instant first thought as we entered into a packed room with people hanging off every surface. If Friday was the dress rehearsal then Saturday was the heaving main performance. The main room was absolutely pumping with Mano Le Tough delivering a fine mixture of pumping techno with an edge of melancholy and big drops and highs. The boxes and walkways around the ceiling which had been blocked off on the Friday were now supporting a crowd of people in any available space all pumping fists in the fierce heat. This was one of those parties were everyone around you is wet and as you first join in you try not to touch anything but as you get involved in that unavoidable foot stomp you become one of the many sweaty crowd taken up in the whole thing.
Mano finished up with a still unknown remix (Probably his) of Caribou’s I Can’t Do Without You which was one of those goosebump moments…


Mano Le Tough 10 Days Off 2

Next up Tale of Us came up from Mano Le Tough’s deepness and headed towards more main room territory and banged it out at that magical time when the crowdedness of a dancefloor subsides to let the keen continue doing their thing.

Sweaty, tired but still wired we eventually left around 6am to daylight and fresh air as we walked our aching bodies home through the now quiet streets of a sleeping Ghent.

This was the last 10 Days Off Festival and we were very lucky to have caught such a perfect night on the Saturday. We met lots of ‘characters’ along the way, ate amazingly well and drank even better. This could definitely be put up there with some of the best weekend away clubbing destinations we’ve been to so far.