Michael Jackson – P.Y.T. Reworks

London disco duo Benny & Gain are back with another loungey, laid back number, this time giving the dub treatment to the classic P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson. The track is yours in exchange for a ‘Like’ on their Facebook page.

Head over to www.luxarmusic.co.uk where you can download the full EP which includes remixes from Luxar and hi-res bonus artwork from Forces Creative (preview below).


Kate Moross – Make Your Own Luck – Book & Exhibition

What’s not to love about super colourful and fun designs? Kate Moross has achieved many designers’ dreams and then some with her vivid style and now she’s putting all her experiences together and sharing them in a new book. “Make Your Own Luck” takes a look at being a graphic designer and gives you lots of insider tips on how to get to the top.

Make Your Own Luck _ Kate Moross Exhibition Flyer

As well as the book there’s also a Make Your Own Luck exhibition looking back at some of her best work to date. Its on at the Camden Cob Gellery for a week. Kate Moross will be dropping in on Friday so make sure you make the most of the Easter break and head in for some inspiration and a whole lot of colour!


Make Your Own Luck _ Kate Moross Exhibition

Make Your Own Luck _ Kate Moross Exhibition2

ill-studio : The Fetishistic Scopophilia Exhibition


Founded in 2007, Ill-Studio is a multidisciplinary crew based in Paris, headed by Thomas Subreville and Leonard Vernhet. Having worked with huge brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Lacoste, Christophe Lemaire, Supreme, Nike and many more, Ill-Studio are quickly becoming recognised as one of the top art director collectives in contemporary design.

They have a new exhibition running called Fetishistic Scopophilia that will be at the 12Mail, Paris until 14th March.

“It is about our fetishistic perception of pop culture as art directors. The distorted way we look at everything that surrounds us through the prism of design. We first noticed the pleasure in objects way before we started designing. This unconscious pleasure is definitely a fetishism,” say the partners. “Being able to understand why you like, or don’t like, the shape, the material or the color of an object came way later.”

Check out a slection of their striking compositions below and in a special video for the team at Nowness.

Follow the team on instagram for lots more amazing imagery.






Ill-Studio: Twisted Objects
on Nowness.com

Antoine Corbineau’s Map of Paris


Designer Antoine Corbineau has come up with a wonderfully colourful vision of the French capital. Forget boring detailed accuracy though as streets slice away from each other in a net of white against buildings portrayed in bold greens, pinks, yellows, and reds.

To create the map, Corbineau first hand-sketched his vision of the city on paper, then scanned it and added the neon colours using a computer. “The choice of places, monuments, and details was rather spontaneous,” Corbineau tells Co.Design. “I had no intention of being exhaustive. I wanted to show a fresh and free view of Paris.”
Based in Nantes however Corbineau said that he knew Paris well enough from memory to complete the project in just under 2 weeks.

He plans on designing similar maps of other cities, including New York and Tokyo.
You can grab 100 cm x 70 cm prints for €50 from his webshop.

Give his studio a like on Facebook to keep up to date with his latest designs.