The Record Room – DJ T

Defected’s ‘The Record Room’ is a video series that delves into the vinyl collections of some of the biggest names in global dance music.

In the latest addition to the series they travel to Berlin to meet Get Physical co-founder and longterm Strictly Rhythm fan DJ. T..

From a collection of around 8,000 – recently scaled down from more than 40k – T., picks out some of the defining records of his life and career, including wax from R&S, Strictly and Trax.

Strictly DJ T. – 25 Years Of Strictly Rhythm

DJ T. steps up for Strictly Rhythm to give us a bloody good house work out!
The landmark house label will be celebrating their 25th anniversary with a new mix album that takes you on a trip through the rich musical history of the legendary imprint. On mixing duties is Get Physical founder and long-term Strictly fan DJ T., who has gone back in the archives to bring you tracks from classic Strictly artists including Logic, Aly-Us, DJ Pierre, Hardrive, DJ Sneak, Wink and many more… what’s more is that DJ T. has also gone one step further by creating a brand new edit of each track!
“These old tracks don’t really have a mix-friendly intro and outro; they often just fade out or stop abruptly” says T. “I wanted to make these classics easier to use in contemporary sets and to be able to improve a track, so that it becomes interesting and playable for DJs nowadays without changing its essence.” – DJ T.

Get a flavour of the huge house head package below and pre-order on iTunes now

1. Aly-Us ‘Follow Me’ (Instrumental – DJ T. Edit)
2. Wink ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ (DJ Wink’s Hardhouse Mix – DJ T. Edit)
3. Hardhead ‘Only The Strong Survive’ (DJ T. Edit)
4. Reality Check ‘Fantasy’ (Whipped And Turned Mix – DJ T. Edit)
5. Essence ‘Moments In House’ (Full Effect Mix – DJ T. Edit)
6. The Untouchables ‘Dance To The Rhythm’ (DJ T. Edit)
7. Rare Arts featuring R.I.C. ‘Yeah (I Got You Movin’)’ (Menealo Mix – DJ T. Edit)
8. Lil’ Mo’ Yin Yang ‘Reach’ (Yin Yang Dub – DJ T. Edit)
9. U.P.I. ‘She’s A Freak’ (DJ T. Edit)
10. Photon Inc. featuring Paula Brion ‘Generate Power’ (Wild Pitch Mix – DJ T. Edit)
11. Hardrive ‘Deep Inside’ (The Dub – DJ T. Edit)
12. Logic ‘The Warning’ (Inner Mix – DJ T. Edit)

DJ T. Presents 25 Years Of DJing Part 1.1 Mix

DJ T. Presents 25 Years Of DJing Part 1.1 Mix

The Get Physical team and DJ T celebrate a big 25 year milestone on the 1s and 2s for the big man and have come up with 2 compilations full of DJ T.’s top tracks from over the years. Safe concept… 1 track for each year :)
There’s a load of edits that have been made available especially for the comp and after ages and ages of clearing all the samples they are all out now as part of these compilations.