Revolutions In Sound – Top 5 Reunion Pods



30 pods, over 80 artists, 1 live stream to tune into.

Yes, Revolutions In Sound is back tonight, incorporating an eclectic combo of old and new club cultures on the London Eye, whilst revellers in the silent disco beneath listen in on the live stream…basically, it’s a good excuse to get off your tits on a Thursday night.

Pods such as Boiler Room, Warehouse Project and Fabric will no doubt be getting a lot of attention from the kids gaggin’ to get in with the brands.

 But what about the golden oldies that have helped these nights become what they are today? 

Here is my top 5…

1) Shoom with Danny Rampling, Mark Moore & Ilona Rampling – London’s Shoom was home to the Balaeric house nights that quickly became the home of acid house. Set up by Danny rampling, it lasted 3 years – stories have been told of the night that give you goosebumps. This is THE pioneering night for UK club culture.




2) The Blitz Club with Steve Strange & Princess Julia – Did anybody watch Worried About The Boy? It was a documentary about Boy George and his rise to fame. The club featured was Blitz Club, Steve Strange’s notorious fashionista hangout, with gender-bending New Romantics blending super tacky glamour with the dark side of punk. It all happened between ’79 and ’81, and acted as a fingers up to the punk scene, playing Depeche Mode and Spandau Ballet tunes all night long.


3) Fac51 The Hacienda with Todd Terry, Mike Pickering & Graeme Park – Does this even need a reason why it’s in the top 5? Unarguably the defining ‘northern club’ between ’82 and the early 90s. It was one of the first clubs to play house music from veterans Graeme Park and Mike Pickering, who are still DJing regularly now. They helped pioneer the acid house sound. Let’s hope the gangsters that shut it down don’t turn up…or DJ Sneak.


4) Lost with Richie Hawtin and Steve Bicknell – This night became renowned for its Docklands warehouse parties in the 90s. A far cry from today’s saturated warehouse “raves”, it became an institution, with techno giant Dave Clarke playing there, along with Derrick May.


5) Jive Turkey with Winston Hazel and Parrot – Back before house was house, Winston Hazel and Parrot were dropping imported Chicago grooves at the Sheffield club responsible for the ‘northern bleep sound’. It helped bring black and white people together in the mid 80s, a time when racial tension was rife. Parrot went on to curate the debut release on Warp Records.

Listen to the live stream here:

By Danny Ingham

Tapped ft Lancelot – 19/07/2013

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For those of you in London not fussed about Lovebox, or simply don’t have a ticket, then we suggest your Friday evening is best spend in the Queen of Hoxton… either sun yourself after work on the epic roof garden, or come and get down in the basement. Slothboogie, KMG, and Debonair will be welcoming Australian house producer, Lancelot into the fold…. his recent releases on Nurvous have been gaining a good amount of support, and we reckon he might be on the cusp of bigger things….

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Tapped 2nd Birthday at Queen of Hoxton

Big up to the Tapped crew who are hitting their 2nd Birthday this very Friday at Queen of Hoxton! I joined these lovable gents in Debonair’s Australasian absence earlier this year and its been nothing short of magic! Catch us tearing up the QOH Basement all night long in a back 2 back stylee from 10pm. Make sure you come back again on the 3rd Friday of every month for some residency business at their new WILD LIFE nights.

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Here’s a little taste of what you can get from Tapped Rezzy Timmy