Doctor Dru – Foolish (Official Video)

The Voice of Dru was probably one of our favourite tunes of last year and we suspect was also the favourite of many many other peoples around the world given its dominance of the dancefloors and charts. After a little break touring the world Doctor Dru is back on Exploited who are happy to finally present Dru’s second solo-release:
2 Clubtracks – one for the heads and one for the ladies – ‘2 Know U’ & ‘Foolish’.
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SHIR KHAN presents SECRET GOLD 02 on Exploited Records

Exploited Records boss Shir Khan brings us the second instalment of his Secret Gold mini compilation series… Another prime selection of sweet flavoured bangers! The package includes tracks from extended family members, friends + unheard remixes from Jesse Perez, Timo Garcia & S.K.A.M., Claptone & Joyce Muniz, Purple Velvet, and finally Jack Fell Down. Out October 8th!

(Incase you were wondering what the Jesse Perez track is all about… which I’m sure you were… ‘Mama Me La Pinga’ is Spanish for Suck My Dick… That’s some vintage Perez!)