Grandbrothers – Ezra EP

If you’re struggling to wake up in the pitch black at the moment then this new project called Grandbrothers will definitely help to ease you into the light. Grandbrothers is a duo made up of Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel and their first release on newly minted FILM records (short for Future Is Listening Music) is an absolute joy. The Ezra EP’s title track Ezra Was Right starts of as an ambient dream piece with echoed piano keys and slowly builds in intensity with more percussive elements to form a much needed driving sunshine boost to the system. Ezra Was Right has also come with some well thought out more uptempo remixes from Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye, JD Twitch Optimo and Kim Brown.

Already a hit with Giles Peterson and nominated as one of his tracks of the year its a great start to this special little project and we can’t wait for its release in February.

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RESIDENT ADVISOR MIX (by greg wilson for ra.119 podcast 2008)

There are worse ways to get your weekend underway than starting it off with a classic mix from Greg Wilson. To be fair most of his mixes are pretty classic given the fact then are jam packed with reworks of old classics… but this one is pretty special none the less. Straight outta the volts this is Greg’s very own Resident Advisor mix from back in 2008. Grab it on free download below:

“I’d decided to buck the trend by highlighting the lower bpm’s of the music I was playing in the clubs, rather than, as was the norm, going for a more typical uptempo vibe. Here’s how I described it at the time in the accompanying interview I did with RA – ‘I’d just done a BBC 6mix, which, with regards to tempo, was geared around the 116-120 region, so I wanted to do something different here, concentrating on the more downbeat side of what I play, which, despite being a rich and fertile segment of dance spectrum, many DJ’s dismiss as being too slow. I also took the opportunity to put together some new stuff, with the mix providing the impetus for me to bring a few ideas to fruition—so thanks are due to Resident Advisor for its role as muse.’ The full interview can be found at RA:

I also added in the comments section, in answer to a question asking how I put the mix together – ‘I recorded the tracks into my studio PC using Sound Forge, then overdubbed textures and fx in Cool Edit Pro, in a similar way to how I use the the Revox live, spinning additional sounds over the top of the tracks I’m playing. The mix itself was pretty straightforward, but I spent a fair bit of time in the preparation, editing up some new stuff – ‘Body Movin’ Freaks’, ‘One Lifetime’ and ‘Re-Working The Illusion’ (which was based on a previous mash-up I did a few years back) – whilst adding the Donna parts to the Eddie Drennon edit I’d put together a little while back, inserting the Martin Luther King speech in the intro of ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’, and sticking the ‘Good Times’ vocal at the end of Adrian Blunt’s Ting Tings edit to conclude the mix.’ Full comments here:
– Greg Wilson – October 2012

Eastern Electrics Festival – 4th August 2012 at Area 12 Greenwich Peninsula


The newest and probably most exciting dance festival to appear on London’s dance calendar has come from the hugely respected Easter Electrics. After a stuttering false start with the retraction of their Clapham Common roots. These London based promoters are back on it big time with their announcement that they will will be putting on a one day extravaganza round the corner from the O2 at Area 12 in the Greenwich Peninsula that will run from 11am-10pm on the 4th August.

The reliable Eastern Electric’s programming is evident once again for this monumental party as a quick scan through the names for the poster above shows a great snapshot of what’s really good about dance music right now. A London dance festival made by proper dance enthusiasts… there’s no Deadmau5, or Skrillex in sight! :)

As you’d expect with such caliber on show the early tickets have flown out and are all pretty much sold out with the exception of a few Saver tickets. With the general ticket price at £40 for a day’s worth of the best in dance you shouldn’t feel too put out though.

Tickets are available now on Resident Advisor and Ransom Note