SlothBoogie Guestmix #018 – BANG GANG DJS

Here’s a Friday treat for yall…
As part of our ever growing mix series we’re pretty excited to bring the Bang Gang DJs into the fold for a RAVE UP!
For the uninitiated amongst you these guys are the proud owners of the OZ label and responsible for its continual fostering of sick tunes… the most recent track was a collaboration of Danny from the C90s and Stop Making Me under the banner of Say Yes To Another Excess… Its been destroying dancefloors everywhere since it came out.

Say Yes To Another Excess (Bang Gang) by Say Yes To Another Excess

Their SlothBoogie Guestmix is a bit special as its full of XXXclusives and you can check out the tracklisting at the bottom to see what they’ve included for us.
Anyways lets get Raving shall we? I would definitely recommend listening to this under the influence… its pretty hard/demented :)
Here is SlothBoogie Guestmix #018 – Bang Gang DJs

1. Golden Bug – Washing Machine (Mickey Moonlight Dub)
2. Kid Bliss – Discoshit
3. Locosoluss – I want it
4. Mitzi – India (Joakim Remix)
5. The Deadstock 33s – Cavalry (Stopmaking remix – Bg12s Edit)
6. Carte Blanche – Bronx Brooklyn Queens
7. Slice & Soda – Year of The Dragon (Villa Redub)
8. Bumblebeez – Rodeo (Franz + Shape Remix)
9. T.Williams – Heartbeat (Paul Woolford Rewurq)
10. Australia – Chopper
11. Bumblebeez – Betty Jane (Jaguar Ma’s Remix)
12. Sebastian – Love in Motion
13. Gonzales – Variations on A Scheme
14. Teki latex – Dinosaurs with Guns (acapella)
15. Siriusmo – The Plasterer of Love
16. Feadz – 11% Acid
17. High Powered Boys – We Do it
18. Mickey Moonlight – TAM#5
19. Zongamin – Azzazza
20. Oizo & Tellier – Has his Vers
21. Shadow Dancer – Golden Traxe
22. Modeselektor – Die Clubnummer (Hoodrat’s Edit)
23. Soundhack – A2
24. Tangerine Dream – No Man’s Land
25. Fabrice Lig – The Riff Pourpe
26. Krikor – God Will Break it All (A La JC edit)
27. Onipa Nua – I feel Alright

SlothBoogie Guestmix #017 – Drop Out Orchestra

Last week we invited Gigamesh to our guestmix series and he tore us a new one… This week we bring over Swede’s Drop Out Orchestra who we’ve featured many a time. They’re pretty adventurous, not to mention brave, with their reworkings. One in particular was their version of Craig David’s Walking Away… but credit to them they did a bang up job of it and set the internet waves on fire. Its this sense of taking on the unexpected that I really like about these guys…
Their latest oddball remix was of Sade’s Sweetest Taboo which you can listen to below… so lets do just that shall we?
Here is SlothBoogie Guestmix #017 – Drop Out Orchestra.

SlothBoogie Guestmix#016 – Gigamesh


SlothBoogie Guestmix #016 - Gigamesh

Here we are folks… our 16th SlothBoogie Guestmix comes from the Hype Machine destroying Gigamesh! All we know is that’s a bucket load of hits + plays so he must be doing something right… In fact he’s doing stuff very right at the moment. Having made another smasher of a remix for Win Win’s Victim that got rave reviews around the blogosphere we are all bracing ourselves for his own EP to drop this summer (listen to a preview of Gigamesh’s EP)…
Asked what his masterplan was he gave us this little nugget:

“I’m just trying to get my EP out hopefully by the end of summer and doing a lot of remixes in the meantime.  I’m also working with some artists on original music but I can’t really talk much about it.  Once the EP is out I plan to release some singles, tour all over and release a full length next year.  At least that’s the plan!”

We can’t wait to listen to his whole EP when its ready but the force is strong with this one.
Enough jibba jabba… Here’s SlothBoogie Guestmix #016 – Gigamesh:

Russ Ballard – Voices (Rayko Edit)
Seeland – Black Dot, White Spider (Kelpe Remix)
Joey Negro Pres. Kola Kube – Why (Midnight Savari Tropicool Mix)
The Go! Team – Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix)
Popular Peoples Front – Party Over Here (Gigamesh Rework)
Al Green vs. NYC Choir – Church Love (A Leo Zero Edit)
Gigamesh – When You’re Dancing (feat. Induce)
Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart (Gigamesh Remix)
Peter And The Magician – Twist
Tyson – Out Of My Mind (Swiss Dance Remix)
Say Yes To Another Success – Say Yes To Another Excess
Cassian – I Like What You’re Doing (Nightriders Remix)
Breakbot – Fantasy (feat. Ruckazoid)
Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance (Shadow Dancer Remix)
BWH – Stop (Bangkok Impact Remix)
Win Win – Victim (ft. Blaqstarr)(Gigamesh Remix)

SlothBoogie Guestmix #015 – Duff Disco

Soooo it’s been a little while since we had someone take the reins on our guestmix series. It’s now coming into summer and we thought we’d better get our arses in gear and bring someone in sharpish or face looking un-cool.
We threw a disco batman light up into the sky and and prayed for a hasty rescue.
Then out of nowhere, like a knight in tight spandex, it was Duff Disco that answered our call for our 15th SlothBoogie Guestmix.

Incidentally the Join The Dots empresario is also playing at our night down The Nest alongside some dude called Ray Mang… Come join us on 7th May.

White Elephant – Sir John (Mark E Remix)
Rampi – Feel It Burn (Mario Basanov Remix)
Soul Renegades – Ya’ll Won’t Let Me (Craig Bratley Remix)
Mark E – Belvide Beat
Daniel Solar & Andi De Luxe – Horny
Maceo Plex – Vibe Your Love
Bozzwell – In My Cocoon
Flowers & Sea Creatures – A.M (Ewan Pearson Remix)
Kenton Slash Demon – Sun
Nel Oliver – Dream On (the Revenge Edit)