Hercules & Love Affair – ‘Do You Feel The Same?’ (6th Borough Project Remix)

‘Do You Feel The Same?’ has easily been one of the biggest dancefloor tracks over the last few months… the catchiness of that vocal is an understatement! So now as has become customary with big tracks its time for a stack of remixes and reworks to keep it fresh… We’ve been given the talented 6th Borough Project remix to prem and its everything you could hope for!

6th Borough Project have a penchant for taking you on a dubbed out funk and disco journey and it’s no different with this remix… slowing the original right down and emphasising the rolling acid vibes to full effect.
Grab this along with Todd Terry and Zac Samuel remixes next week via Defected.

Hercules & Love Affair – “Do You Feel The Same?” (Official Video)

Go to party tune “Do You Feel The Same?” by Hercules and Love Affair will be getting a Defected reboot come next year and we all know what that means… A ton of mega remixes and a shinny new video to get stuck into!

‘Do You Feel The Same?’ will come with an Extended Club Mix, a Purple Disco Machine Remix and an Oliver Dollar Remix on the 8th December digitally, with the vinyl Todd Terry Remix & Dub and 6th Borough Project Remix following on 15th December.

Hercules & Love Affair – I Try To Talk To You

I’m quite excited for the new Hercules & Love Affair album coming this summer on the 26th May… ‘The Feast Of The Broken Heart’ will hopefully give us lots more of Andy’s great productions after the last Blue Songs album which was a firm favourite for a while! ‘I Try To Talk To You’ sees Andy has team up with vocalist John Grant to tackle some pretty deep material…

Andy Butler explains: “I asked John to dig deep with his lyrical contribution. I had no idea he would dig so deep. He tackled the story of becoming HIV positive, and while I mentioned to him that he did not need to go there if he was not comfortable, in that beautifully punky, spirited and courageous way he has about him, he told me that was what the song was going to be about. What came of it is an elegant song featuring John singing and playing his heart out.”

‘I Try To Talk To You’ will be released with remixes on the 9th June.

Hercules & Love Affair – Be With You [Free Download]

Grab a Monday blues destroying free download from Hercules & Love Affair ahead of their new ‘Do You Feel The Same? EP’ release in April.
Its dancey and poppy and also bodes very well for the forthcoming album ‘The Feast Of The Broken Heart’ that’s on its way in May.
It is a little weird hearing new vocalists working with Andy Butler but hopefully it just needs a bit of getting used to.