Julio Bashmore – Let Me Be Your Weakness feat. Bixby (Official Video)

Julio Bashmore’s got a pretty weird new video for Let Me Be Your Weakness feat. Bixby that was on his Knockin’ Boots album.

Director DANIEL BRERETON explains… 

“The idea for the video came about from the songs title “Let Me Be Your Weakness”, I thought it would be interesting to make a video about peoples weaknesses. The strange things people do to escape from the dullness of day to day life. So I pitched it to Bashmore that we would find hobbyists and obsessives that partake in weird and wonderful past times. Matt was into it, so we then went about searching for a wide range of activities, from crab museums to the largest collection of milk bottles in the UK. Honestly, the search was very difficult for the producers, most of the time the weirder stuff that people were into they didn’t really want to shout about, as they often thought they could be exploited or ridiculed. But my idea was always to celebrate the eccentricities of people. I think we ended up with a really good bunch, including a viking, a furry, poodles, Irish dancers and cosplayers.”

The weirdness continues on his new interactive site… Investigate the strange Angry Birds alternative using bits of fried chicken… :/


Julio Bashmore – She Ain’t

More mega bumping disco loops have dropped from Julio Bashmore ahead of his new album dropping this Friday… She Ain’t is pushing some serious bouncing work out vibes with a fierce “You Better Work Bitch” vocal snippet enforcing the whole thing… If you’ve not grabbed the pre-order yet then you can still get it on iTunes.

Julio Bashmore – Knockin’ Boots Album + New single Holding On feat. Sam Dew

Julio Bashmore has fiiiinally announced his album coming on 10th July and to give us a taste of what’s to come there’s also a brand new single to get things going called Holding On. Its a great poppy amalgamation of some sultry singing from Sam Dew with some loopy disco strings and stomping basslines. This is probably our favourite from his new album tracks so far!

The 12 tracker will be released on his own Broadwalk Records and features a host of collaborations with new vocal talents, BIXBY (‘Let Me Be Your Weakness’, ‘Kong’), J’DANNA (‘Rhythm of Auld’, ‘Simple Love’), JULIE MENDOZA (‘She Aint’), OKMALUMKOOLKAT (‘Umuntu’) and SEVEN DAVIS JR. (‘For Your Love’) across the twelve tracks.

Let us know what you think!

Pre-order Knockin’ Boots on iTunes

1. Knockin Boots
2. Holding On (ft. Sam Dew)
3. She Aint (ft. Julie Mendoza)
4. Let Me Be Your Weakness (ft. Bixby)
5. Rhythm Of Auld (ft. J’Danna)
6. For Your Love (ft. Seven David Jr)
7. What’s Mine Is Mine
8. Bark
9. Umuntu (ft. Okmalumkoolkat)
10. Simple Love (ft. J’Danna)
11. Kong (ft. Bixby)
12. You & Me

Julio Bashmore – Kong feat. Bixby

Julio Bashmore kicks off his 2015 with another cut from the highly anticipated album thats hopefully coming this year. This new slice of floaty sunshine sounds features vocals from London based talent BIXBY and is another fine example of the kind of emotive, powerful, timeless house music that BASHMORE is getting pretty good at churning out.