Joakim – This is my life (Official Video)

We’re big meme and internet silliness fans here at SB… So its no surprise we’re in love with Joakim’s new video for ‘This is my life’. Made by super creative force Fafi it takes us on a journey through pop culture through a imaginary computer screens, instagram accounts and stupid face swapped videos!
The EP is out now and also comes with a more chilled remix done with Kindness that you can stream over on the FADER.


Kindness – Gee Up (Erol Alkan’s Extended Rework)

We’ve been big fans of this diminutive funk number from Kindness for a while now and everyone’s complaint has always been that it’s way too short. Well how would these complainers feel if they knew that Erol Alkan’s been having a slice and dice session on the track? Pretty elated I reckon… Head over to on June 18th to grab it… but in the meantime listen to the full length below.

Kindness – Gee Up (Cosmic Kids Edit)

The Comic Kids have put up an edit of Kindness’ Gee Up which such a cool little groover that I absolutely love! When people first heard the original back in 2009 they went mental that it was only 1:47 mins long!… cue a bunch of re-edits to sort the problem out with their own hands and we’ve got longer cuts galore :)

And even longer…

Also it seems that Kindess have got an album in the Moshi Moshi pipeline called Be Kind and here’s a pisstake of the original Gee Up video to promote the new album… clever so and so’s…