Khruangbin – People Everywhere (Still Alive)

Another slice from the Khruangbin album has surfaced and this funky little guitar led track is another great example of the vibes that Kbin can magic out of nowhere!
People Everywhere (Still Alive) will be on their debut album ‘The Universe Smiles Upon You’ which comes from the Late Night Tales camp on the 7th November… If you’re impatient for it then grab the preorder from iTunes hopefully there’s gonna be some instant grat tracks off it soon!

BILL BREWSTER at Big Chill Bar Nov 2014

You can always rely on Bill Brewster to bring a certain understated funkiness to a mix and this is a perfect example of his skillz behind some decks.
Air bass it out to the DJ History curator’s selections below recorded at one of his Late Night Tales gigs at Big Chill Bar in Shoreditch last year.

The Sunday Chill : Khruangbin – The Infamous Bill

The Khruangbin band are on the verge of their second EP for Late Night Tales called The Infamous Bill… I’ve been vibing out to their demos so many times over the summer and I’m so happy that their stuff is seeing full releases thanks to the LNT crew. The whole EP is amazing but if you don’t like the title track below then go away and never come back…

Listen to the full 4 tracks on the LNT site and just buy it already!
You get a pretty good looking vinyl and instant download fyi…