An interview with VENICE CALYPSO

London-based Sebastian Barz aka VENICE CALYPSO is one of the most exciting techno DJ/Producers in the city right now. Read this exclusive interview with him, below…

You just launched your own label Four On Four – tell us a bit about how it all started.

I was contacted by some really talented DJs and producers, sending me their music, and I really wanted to get their music out there. I was also annoyed by the long waiting times with distribution and I really wanted to create a more dynamic platform for music. We are just scheduling the releases for next year and we are working also more on the visual side. See you in 2016!

What producers do you have your eye on at the moment?

First, Jack France, my long time collaborator. We just received his first vinyl release and it will be up very soon. It’s Totally on fire and I premiered his track “Techno Cut 2206” on Rinse France, then: Cindy, Aoud, Rawkorder, TITE, Raw Ambasador, AZF, Marc Laforce

What other labels do you think are doing great things at the moment?

Mord, Neo Violence, RAAR, The Revera Corporation, VENT, Tronic Soundz.

Your video for Malibu was greeted with lots of positive comments. What was the idea behind the video?

I’ve been directing videos for a while and I wanted to create something special for the new beginning of my career. The visual side of techno is always quite conservative which amazes me. I want to change that by aesthetic with my almost clinical visual concepts. We shot the video in Mi7 Studio in west London. I loved the alien look of Gina Harrison and it was amazing to work with her.

You run a night – INFERNO – at Dalston Superstore. How did this start, and what does the future hold for the event?

Inferno is my collaboration project with Lewis G. Burton. I always wanted to create unique club experience that will mix the craziness of the london club culture with great underground and dark music. You don’t need to choose between cool crowd or good music it’s all there. We have amazing DJs in performance artist including Coco Cole, Jim Warboy, AZF, TWANG, Jack France, Alex Wolf, Hotbox resident Raro and some great performance artist like House Of Health, Synth, Victor Ivanov.

If you had friends over for the weekend, what night would you tell them to go to in London and why?

I will definitely try to invite them to my own party INFERNO. HOTBOX by squat the sun, it’s very exclusive and unique experience. Also Blanc, Legion and Jaded at Corsica Studios will be an obvious choice.

You have quite a distinctive haircut and style. Who influences your style?

My style evolved naturally over time. I’m always 50 percent goth no matter if it’s in fashion or not. I also never wanted to hide behind my music.

What track sums up your mood right now?

Vainqueur – Lyot (Maurizio Mix). I got into listening to techno almost everyday. I can’t listen to anything trivial during the day. I always expect to be surrounded by sounds with depth. I always prefer to listen to tribal and religious sounds rather then music that was created to entertain the average consumer without challenging their taste.

Interview by Danny Ingham
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An interview with Polanski

The queer techno scene in London is thriving right now, so it pleases me to complete a trio of interviews from people who make this scene so special. The first was with the much loved Lee Adams from KAOS. The second from LEGION promoter Jeno Balasz. The third comes from Andrzej So, who is hosting B L A N C // N O I R E at the Electrowerkz on 28th November.

Here’s what he had to say…

You run a quite secretive event in London called B L A N C. What’s the party ethos for the night?

B L A N C is a quarterly night, currently at Electrowerkz, which combines urban, minimalistic visual aesthetics with a progressive electronic music sound. The idea behind the night was to create an environment where those qualities unite, the space is transformed with the DJ booth in the middle to allow the performer and audience become one – immersed in the sound. Over the two years since it started, the sound has been constantly evolving and at this stage it’s leaning towards a wider spectrum of techno. The spaces between each of the letters in the name create the blank spaces, which – as you can imagine – doesn’t come up in the web search if typed without them. I hope this creates a natural selection, people who come to the night are friends and their circle, as for the rest it’s the people who search between the blank spaces…

Your upcoming party has Mørbeck headlining – what drew you to him?
When I visited Berlin this summer to attend the Berlin Atonal festival, on the last day of performances I went instead to Berghain and that’s where he was playing a very long, dynamic set on Sunday evening. It was pure joy! In the rush of the moment I scribbled a note on a piece of paper and handed it to him, while he was still playing. Despite his bemused reaction he got in touch the following day and here he is headlining the specially titled B L A N C edition: N O I R E.


You’re known for supporting up and coming London-based talent. Who are you expecting big things from in the future?

That is true, both my nights B L A N C and tanzBar feature lots of local talent, also up and coming DJ’s and producers. Some of the guests took quite a bit of convincing, purely as I was very keen to hear their excellent music choices played in a club. In the techno scene at the moment some of my friends are working on a new material; Tcherneyan is expecting a release next year but he’s not new to the world of production. VVEEAA has done an awesome remix of Lazarus Man, I hope he gets more recognition here in the UK for his work. Also Sebastian aka Venice Calypso is launching his record label for which he self-produced a stunning video for the debut release. As for the more melodic stuff, lets call it disco-tek, I’m very much looking forward to Justine’s new project. Her debut release had some big names featuring Egyptian Lover and Scott Fraser.

There’s been a lot of stuff about the London party scene dying. What do you think about this?

I very much doubt that this happening at the moment: in the 15 years I’ve been living in London I have certainly seen much worse. I think most of the problem is coming from the licensing and how local councils respond to the ‘needs’ of residents. Plus the property developers and estate owners forcing venues out of their current homes, as seen recently in so many queer spaces. London venues often serve as a generic platform for different promoters to put on their nights. Personally I find that this often leads to a lack of atmosphere. Every weekend those places host a different crowd, randomly brought together to see a specific artist, which is fine for diversity but it misses something… The story differs with nights like KAOS, or similar with a strong following, where promoters and their friends create a sort of a weekend, temporary family. It’s where people meet not only to dance but also to socialise. I also think the whole divide between the straight and gay world had an impact on the London scenes being fragmented. There is much more quality music at queer parties nowadays.

What 3 tracks would you say sum up your party?

Good question! For the first one I’d like to go back in time to when B L A N C was held in Stoke Newington, when our sound was very different. Lots of Cold Wave, like the one below: Greg Punkov “Don’t Challenge My Dark” When the party moved to the current venue, I used to split my time between the opening and closing set. As all my guests played much more intense music at this point, I had to reinvent my choices as well. The track below would have been played within the first hour of opening: EOMAC “Spectre” As for the late night sound I chose the below as it has the two very important elements that I go for. Stomping rhythm and a beautiful, ethereal synth-lead melody. Definitely will be playing this on the 28th… Inigo Kennedy “Aleph”

You produce music yourself under the name Polanski. Do you have anything coming up for this?

I have just received a master of my track; I hope it’ll see daylight in the form of an official release. Also my other work goes towards sound design, I have just completed a piece for a video trailer for the LGBTQ FRINGE! Film Festival. I want to invest more time in this sort of thing in the future.



Review : Night Tales – Tokyo Nights


Last weekend saw the return of popular street food team Night Tales with their latest incarnation ‘Tokyo Nights‘. We went in on Halloween to sample some of their Asian themed foody offerings all soundtracked by the AUS music crew. We gotta hand it to the Night Tales team on the production side of things as they transformed the pretty drab car park round the back of Red Gallery into a magical spot that we can see being the place to go for after work drinks and food on a Friday.

The team have converted the space into a kind of beautiful decayed urban Japenese street scene… filled with glowing lanterns, cooling fans, electric cabling and neon nude signs giving you a intviting red light district feel.


© Photograph by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (
© Photograph by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (
© Photograph by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (
© Photograph by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (

Our highlight on the food front was the Dumpling stand with its assorted selection for £6… so tasty!
Richie Hawtin’s Sake brand was about too apparently but we just stuck to Asahi’s.

A big selling point for this year’s Night Tales is the music side of things with some amazing DJs and crews all taking over the main food area and then putting on one of after parties at Red Gallery until the early hours. The AUS team played some wicked stuff that eventually had most people up and dancing so we would definitely recommend this as a night out to try with mates!

Address: Red Market, 288 Old Street, London, EC1V 9DP

© Photograph by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (
© Photograph by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (
© Photograph by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (
© Photograph by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (
© Photograph by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (
© Photograph by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (

Loose Lips 1st birthday @ secret location

We all love an anniversary. It’s been one year since Loose Lips started throwing parties, and throughout their time, they have done events all around the UK (plus parties in Barcelona and Marseille), along with hosting a weekly radio show on Hoxton FM (Wednesday, 5-7pm).

Expect a smörgåsbord of forward thinking techno from Subjected (UK Debut), Ritzi Lee (DJ & 909), Dyad (Showcase Debut), Chris Page. Alongside these guys will be residents including Medallion Man.

Tickets HERE

Loose Lips 1st Birthday
23rd October 2015
£6 / £10 pre-sale
£12 OTD