The Sunday Chill : Dawn Golden – Still Life

Oooph! What a bank holiday that was eh? Some of you out there might be lacking some serious serotonin levels while you slide back underneath your desk this morning so here’s a bit of Sunday Chill vibes to ease you back to real life ever so gently.

Remember the lush washed out vibes of Houses? Well the main man Dexter Tortoriello has been busying himself with a solo side project called Dawn Golden and he’s got a full length LP called Still Life that’s being released by Diplo’s Mad Decent label.

There’s some new electronic elements to the overall sound but the overarching melancholy feelings are as present from the Houses days are still there helping to make this the perfect soundtrack to those duvet days of the future.

Pre-order Dawn Golden – Still Life now.


Blood Bros III: Back In America Mixtape

Grease up your mullets folks and tie those bandanas tight as the next Blood Bros mixtape is finally here!!! If this is the first time you’ve encountered the Blood Bros then you are in for a fucking retro power rock treat! Our heroes Derek “DJA” Allen & Dirty South Joe have been making these beauty action movie soundtrack mixtapes for a while now and every now and again they put them up for free download to blow little dubstep brains to bits.

Lets Go!!!

1. Emerson Lake & Powell – Touch & Go – MacGruber
2. Larry Greene – Through The Fire – Top Gun
3. Dennis Churchill – Crossing Over – Crystal Heart
4. Deco – Survive – Fast Forward
5. Dear Enemy – New Hero – Street Hero
6. Glenn Frey – The Heat Is On – Beverly Hills Cop
7. Steve Overland – No Guts No Glory – Galaxy Rangers
8. Journey – Only The Young – Vision Quest
9. James House – Flesh On Fire – Teen Wolf
10. Alan Thicke – Thicke Of The Night – Thicke of the Night
11. Marietta – Fire & Ice – Feur Und Eis
12. Rick Derringer – Hulk Hogan Real American – WWF
13. Don Johnson – Heartbeat – Heartbeat
14. Paul Hertzog – Advanced Training – Kickboxer – w/ Rocky 2 Church Scene
15. Stubblefield & Hall – Best of the Best – Best of the Best
16. Little River Band – Playing To Win – Blood Bros
17. Kevin Chalfant & Satriani – Hold On To The Vision – No Retreat No Surrender
18. Vicki St Elmo – Champion – MacGruber
19. Stan Bush – Ground Zero – BotCon
20. John Parr – St Elmos Fire – St Elmo’s Fire
21. Tim Capello – I Still Believe – The Lost Boys
22. Lou Gramm – One Dream – Highlander 2
23. Anne Murray – Best Man In The World – The Golden Child
24. David Glen Eisley – Sweet Victory – Spongebob Squarepants
25. Autograph – Winning is Everything – Youngblood
26. Chris Thompson – Never Turn Away – Dream A Little Dream
27. Network – Back In America – European Vacation
28. Robbie Robb – In Time (Movie Version) – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
29. Chris Thompson – It’s Not Over – Playing for Keeps

Boy 8-Bit – House On the Hill


Boy 8-bit has dropped this little bass wobbler as part of the new Mad Decent compilation thats out now… Check their blog for more details and buy links.
Its also a tasty treat of what is going down at Dalston Superstore on the 23rd September… A little way off yet but the Choose Your Own Adventure crew will be bringing Boy 8-bit to really rattle the basement speakers until we all explode.
Yours truly will be playing down in the basement too as part of yet another night we are involved with… yup get ready to hear about FLINKMAPINGO everywhere!

House On the Hill by Boy 8-Bit

MAD DECENT : Heroes & Villains – We Off That Mixtape

New Mad Decent : Heroes and Villains Mixtape out… Download each track below… Its pretty heavy!

1. Intro
2.Waka Flocka – O LETS DO IT VIP feat Diddy, Rick Ross, and Gucci Mane ( H&V Remix)
3. Roscoe Dash – Show out ( H&V Remix)

4. Heroes+Villains – Trap Wobble
5. Gucci Mane – Lemonade ( H&V Remix)
6. Roscoe Dash feat Soulja Boy – All the way turnt up ( H&V Remix)
7. J Futuristic, Roscoe Dash, Yung La – NA NA NA ( H&V Remix)
8. Heroes + Villains – NAZ ( H&V Remix)
9. Rocko – Maybe ( H&V Remix)

10. Lil Jon + Diplo – U Dont Like Me ( H&V Remix)