Max Cooper – Wave Function Mix

You may have noticed our mood and SB posts have been shying away from the brighter happy vibes of summery disco and heading back towards the darker machine depths of techno… if you’re of a similar audio persuasion these days then its worth checking out Irishman Max Cooper‘s new Wave Function mix exclusively for Red Bull Music Academy. So many different layers of sound that all morph and intertwine effortlessly… Plug in and drift away.

“I’ve been enjoying a rediscovery of the merits of repetition recently, so I wanted to make something a little more grounded in loops and continuity than a lot of my other mixes of recent years – something where the value of the music can’t be found by dipping in, only by letting it wash over with time. The name of the mix is a play on the link between the function of waves as the source of musical experience as well as the apparent nature of reality at the smallest scales. The mix starts with a binaural recording from the 4D Sound system where I played different sine tones from different parts of the room. The throbbing you can hear did not come from the speakers, but from how the waves interacted inside the space – a demonstration of how waves can create. The mix needs a special mention to a couple of producers who feature twice, firstly Donato Dozzy, whose Vaporware release is so good I had to use two tracks from it, and David August, whose work I love, and who has recently remixed a track from my next EP coming later this year. There’s also a couple of new unheard tracks on there from me, including one that a lot of people have been asking about after it featured in some recent shows – a remix of a beautiful post-classical track by Frederic D. Oberland and Richard Knox.” – Max Cooper

If you missed it in the summer then check out this amazingly absorbing and hypnotic video by Andy Lomas for Max Cooper’s Seething track…

Ableton 4D Sound

Ableton will be showcasing it’s latest strangely named plugin for everyone who wants to stroke their beards until they fall over at ADE this year. It’s a surround sound rig that probably sounds mental when you’re off your bonce. Max cooper (among others) has been using something pretty similar for a few years and it’ll be cool to see what Martin Stimming can bring to the party. The proof will be in the pudding, but as with light up dancefloors, silent discos, foam &/or pool parties it’s hard to see this being more than a gimmick, probably a cool one worth checking out though.