Drop Out Orchestra

An hour of some awesome music, perfect Thursday fodder. Stick in your headphones and thank us later. his show features tracks by SlothBoogie favourites Earl Grey & PJU, Dj ”S”, Moth, Satin Jackets, Donnie Hathaway and more.

Soulsearching with Michael Ruetten

Carrying on that Sunday vibe Pat was posting earlier this week, I thought I’d introduce one of my favourite radio shows / mix series. Michael Ruetten‘s SoulSearching has been around since 1997 but is often, unfortunately, overlooked on these shores. Consistently amazing, often leftfield, ‘out of Frankfurt’. Heavily associated with that Compost Records & Infracom sound & producing as part of Soul Patrol I think you’ll get where he’s coming from. Stream this months episode below:

Soulsearching 689 – MR deep into the music feat. Noema’s “in the shadow of dreams” mixtape by Soulsearching: Michael Ruetten on Mixcloud

KMG – Baukunst

KMG - Baukunst


Music isn’t much without a bit of context, so here’s a bit of context…. recorded in my horrifically insulated flat with a can of Red Stripe during the hottest London July in a generation, the tracks are all representative in some way shape or form. The title is a german word (probably didn’t have to tell you that) which loosely translated refers to the ‘art of building’, which is something I was keen to get back to… so the mp3’s were left to gather, errr…. what ever it is mp3s gather, and it was time to get back to the basics. No loops, no effects, no nonsense, and no low quality download either, instead a 680mg WAV file. Happy listening.



Melancholy Mixtapes with HNNY, Santé & DJ Phono


I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather today… I unluckily gave myself a bit of food poisoning due to sub standard snacking products and have been lying low to try and recover. So with that in mind I was very thankful to have found some pretty chilled and laid back mixes from HNNY, Santé and DJ Phono to listen too whilst under the influence of my powerful duvet. They’ve helped me today… hopefully they’ll help you through your Monday blues too.