AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphones

The new version of the very very good TMA-1’s, amazingly called the TMA-2, has been released. It now comes as a truly modular headphone that can be configured in 360 ways, with various artists & labels doing designs for the various parts. Now thats great but what this actually means is that this product comes built from the ground up to have loads of spare parts always available ready to use. A la Sennheiser’s industry standard HD 25’s that you also can swap all the parts out of but you can NEVER get the parts anywhere and it costs a tenner to get it sent from Iceland or something. Just so long as AIAIAI have their distribution game on tip top form these could well be on the way to be the new default purchase for people who break their headphones a lot… like us deejay’s.

Check out more info on the TMA-2’s here


Introducing the TMA-2 Modular System from AIAIAI on Vimeo.

Modcast #163: Francis Inferno Orchestra


Melbourne’s Francis Inferno Orchestra joins the mix series with a fine contribution. Head over to the Modular website for a quick Q & A with the deep house sample producer and find out about his Northern Hemisphere relocation, 90s hip hop and his insatiable appetite for KFC.

Modcast #115: Pional

We’ve been huge fans of pretty much everything Pional has been doing this past year and a bit… So very much looking forward to his new podcast for Modular.
John Talabot’s right hand man and Hivern Disc regular is definitely the one to watch for us.

DOWNLOAD: Modcast #115: Pional

1. Icasol – Stralau (Original)
2. 2020 Vision – Bob Hopefield (Urban Farmers Mix)
3. John Talabot & Pional – Destiny (Rare Club Version)
4. Tim Toh – Supercalifragilistic
5. Kim Brown – Camera Moves
6. Deadly One – Maison Profonde
7. Mr Fingers – You Are Someone Special
8. Feindrehstar – Night Rainer 1
9. Ultraworld – Northern Piano (Hardcore Piano Mix)
10. Blunted Dummies – House For All (Original Mix)
11. 3 Play – Serial Killer
12. Jimmy Edgar – This One Is For The Children (Instrumental Version)
13. Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here (Daphni Mix 2)

14.04.2012 / DE / Berlin / Salon Zur wilden Renate / DJ
20.04.2012 / IT / Verona / Gin Club / Spoon
05.05.2012 / ES / Murcia / / SOS Festival / live
12.05.2012 / CH / Zürich / Zukunft / Abbruchhaus-Nacht
13.05.2012 / ES / Madrid / Goa
18.05.2012 / PT / Lisbon / Lux
31.05.2012 / ES / Primavera / live with JT
02.06.2012 / ES / Barcelona / Primavera Sound
23.06.2012 / BE / Brussels / Catclub
29.06.2012 / FR / Toulouse / Gymnase Déodat de Sêverae / Les Siestes Electroniques
30.06.2012 / FR / Paris / Cabaret Sauvage / ME Festival / live with JT
13.07.2012 / DE / Gräfenhainichen / Melt / live with JT
11.08.2012 / ES / Creamfields / Creamfields
24.08.2012 / PL / Kattowice / Nowa Muzyka Festival / live with JT