Mano Le Tough – Trails


I’ve been waiting for the first tastes of Mano Le tough‘s new Trails album to permeate the internet ever since it was announced a few months back… I’ve been waiting impatiently obviously and finally with just under 2 weeks to go until release the title track has surfaced over on NPR to listen to in full!

The sounds have been updated with more experimentation compared to some of the vibes on his 2013 outing called ‘Changing Days’ but the beautiful melancholy is undoubtedly there again and thats what we really enjoyed from the last album so we can’t wait to see what else is in store from the Irishman!

And I ask you, are you my friend
Or my lover until the end
And there’s nothing like coming down
Coming down with you again

Get Mano Le Tough – Trails on Permanent Vacation on 30th October.

The Sunday Chill : New Jackson – Having A Coke With You

One from the archives for your chill shot today… Out last November on the superb Permanent Vacation is New Jackson’s epic 10 minute balearic master class ‘Having A Coke With You’. Instant mood enhancer that can’t help but bath you in sunlight with those strings.

Absolutely beautiful stuff thats still available direct from the Perm Vac store.