Pioneer releases Rekordbox DJ software

So here we go, Pioneer have jumped into the crowded world of DJ software. It looks the same, probably works the same & needs similar equipment. But it’s another option for everyone to endlessly argue over.

In this blogger’s opinion it’s mostly down to ease of use, it’s the possibility of plug & play functionality inside the, ‘standard’ Pioneer, booth environment that’s really interesting. That said both Serato and Traktor have an option for this. Perosnally I’m a Serato user, Traktor is too complicated for my liking and looking at the rekordbox dj website I’d say this is the case here too personally – I’ve had to learn how to use usb’s & cdj’s over the last few years as Serato has prooven hard to plug in for using for an hour in a festival setup. I’d say ease of use is going to win the day here, and staying inside one companies ecosystem might make the transition from studio to booth smoother.

Pioneer release USB only XDJ-1000 – R.I.P. CD’s

Goodbye CD’s it was never nice dealing with you anyway. And priced at $999 thats pretty good on the pockets. Touchscreen & text search are the 2 things I was missing, coming from Serato that in the moment ‘where’s that track’ search always came in handy rather than scrolling endlessly through lists.

Introducing the Pioneer PLX-1000

So here it is, the final dj booth takeover bid from Pioneer, the PLX-1000 turntable. It looks like a Technics, it defiantly works like a technics, but it’s got that circular play button. It is a good thing that they are making a turntable of the same quality again, and I hope they continue for many years. Check the video below for a full run through – as a guy who just paid through the nose to have the cable in his Technics replaced I’m glad to see the swappable RCA cables.




Today the Pioneer team unveiled the CDJ-2000 Nexus which is their latest model in the prestigious flagship CDJ series.

The player might look exactly like the previous 2000s and in many ways they keep the same layout but the techies have crammed in lots and lots of new technology which we’re going to run through now…

Now the most debated aspect throughout today’s launch has been the new Quantize function that will help to keep everything in perfect time as dedicated controls for Master and Sync will ensure there’s no clunky beat clashes going on.

Let us know what you think of this new feature and whether the art of DJing is slowly being taken over by ‘better’ computers or if you think this will only help people to get even more creative with their sets?!

Next up mixing in key is also now better than ever with the Nexus as those trusty techies have come up with a traffic light colour coding system that allows DJ’s to see which should combine well audibly.

There’s now even more ways to feed your music into the Pioneer beasts. You can now take your pick from the usual CDs, USB or now even Wi-Fi and iPhones/smartphones thanks to a new app!
I expect this last part will lead to a steep rise in alcohol related violence in clubs as the rate of cunts asking jocks to play the new Rihanna increases in tandem.

There’s also extra little touches like an informative, pinsharp display, and better looping and a whole host of other things you’re going to have to go and check out the Pioneer news piece to get the full low down.

The CDJ-2000 Nexus will be available from late September 2012, at an SRP of £1,599.

Watch bad man Eats Everything give you a little demo to the new Nexus CDJs…