Ridin’ With Rocco Vol. 6

Long time OZ blog mate Rocco Raimundo has just put together the 6th instalment of his Ridin With Rocco Mix Series…

“As summer quickly comes to an end over here in the southern hemisphere, this mix will hopefully remind those of the summer thats just been, and serve as a warm up to those who’s summer is around the corner!” – Rocco

Thanks Rocco… it’ll hopefully be our turn to ram some sunshine vibes down your throat soon!

Rocco Raimundo – On The Rocks EP – HOD005

Our mates House of Disco were getting a bit flabby round the waist from all the burgers they’ve been consuming. All the sly little digs have obviously been heard as they went away for a bit but have now burst back on the scene with a brand new image! (see above) The HOD team are bringing out our bezzy and international love doctor Rocco Raimundo on board for a batch of his most languid and sonically sexual sounds all on one EP!
Lube up ladies… its coming soon.

Rocco Raimundo – Do You Wanna

Our mate Rocco has done a new booty… Instead of the slow and sexy disco chugger we’ve come to know him for this time he’s edged the BPMs up a little and come in with a bit of a housey chugger for a change!
Here’s his redo of a little Salt n Pepa number… Do You Wanna.