Seb Wildblood – Foreign Parts

We’ve been waiting to see Seb Wildblood‘s Foreign Parts album hit the shelves for a while now after having heard an early version of it at the top end of the year. After a bit of a wait we’re still just as in love with it as when we first heard it!

If you’re into Seb’s laidback and melancholic sounds then you’re gonna love this album as its one of those you can just stick on and let play through until the end. Its only 7 tracks though so you might have to reload it over and over but thats not a bad thing at all with this one as there’s no skippable tracks at all!

Amazingly Seb’s given the whole album stream to the team at FACT which means we can all listen to Foreign Parts in full right now!

Make sure you grab a copy on the 27th July.

Seb Wildblood – Noshi (Ft. Kelly Lee Owens)

We love bubbly languid deep stuff when the sun starts poking its head out the grey stuff. One person that’s extremely adept at making those kinds of fluttering tracks is Seb Wildblood and he’s got a brand new EP out on SKINT. Listen to one of the tracks called Noshi below featuring the ethereal vocals of Kelly Lee Owens and grab it from the 23rd May.

Seb Wildblood – Hunney (Edmondson Remix)

We’ve been digging Seb Wildblood‘s deeper and more laidback take on house and electronic sounds in general ever since his Barcelona EP bubbled to the surface and turned a lot of heads last year.
He returns with another great pack of his signature sounds in his ‘Come Into My House’ EP for his own Church label.
We’ve been given the rather lovely Edmondson remix of Hunney to premiere below which fits nicely into the rooftop/beach/BBQ folder.

Its on its way in September but make sure you pre-order the EP on Red Eye now.

Full Tracklist:
A1/ Hunney
A2/ Come Into My House

A3/ Hunney (Edmondson Remix)
B1/ Warm

B2/ Warm (Apes Remix)
B3/ Come Into My House (Kommune1 Remix)