Seth Troxler & Tom Trago present T&T Music Factory – De Natte Cel

We’ve been listening to Seth Troxler‘s DJ Kicks mix on repeat since we got it via our trusty PR friends as its got some of our favourite tunes in it mixed expertly by Seth… We’ve not been able to share much from it until now as he’s just put up a deep chugging exclusive collabo with Tom Trago that will appear on the album come its release date of 16th October.

“The exclusive track was after the closing of Trouw in Amsterdam, a place that we both loved dearly. Club Trouw used to be the printing press for Amsterdam’s main daily newspaper and De Natte Cel (translated into English ‘The Wet Cell’) was the shower room where the employees would wash the ink off their bodies that they specially opened for the last month that the club was open. Tom and I both played in De Natte Cel during the closing party and were so inspired by the space we left Trouw after around 48 hours, partied all night at the hotel and then went straight into the studio.”

For my DJ Kicks mix I wanted to do something that was honest,’ explains Seth Troxler. ‘I went out in the morning, micro-dosed myself and did all these errands around town. Then I came home at night and did the mix one take. I wanted to curate something for people to easily listen to, that was nice, and funny and got you in the mood to do your homework, or drive that hour long trip when you need to go somewhere. I see this mix as a gay man named Rodney. Or a big black woman named Birtha.

Seth Troxler DJ Kicks Tracklisting
1. Niki Nakazawa – Should It Be
2. Herbert – Suddenly (Phil Parnell’s Pianissimo Play Through)
3. DJ Koze – Bodenweich
4. Cobblestone Jazz – Northern Lights
5. Wolfgang Haffner – Melodia Del Viento (Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer Remix)
6. T&T Music Factory – De Natte Cel
7. Hauke Freer – XK
8. Butch – Dope
9. Session Victims – Stick Together
10. Club Artist United – Sweet Chariot (Kerri Chandler Dramatic Dub)
11. Jasper St Company – Reach
12. K Alexi – Sex-N-R-001
13. Mood II Swing ft. John Ciafone – Ohh
14. Derrick Carter – Dreaming Again
15. Byron Stingily – Why Can’t You Be Real (Danny’s 12” Version)
16. Vanessa McMillan – Stay With Me
17. Dean Street Crew feat Sweet Pussy Pauline – The Credit Card (Original Tribe Mix)
18. Sun Ra And His Intergalactic Research Arkestra – Enlightenment

The Mekanism – Acid Love

Seth Troxler follows up a slew of cross-genre releases across his Soft Touch and Tuskegee labels with another offering on his no-nonsense imprint Play It Say It. Designed to bring road-tested bangers to the fore Play It Say it has seen the likes of Clarian, Sharam and Steve Lawler release their weapons so far… Now its the turn of Parisian Casanova wannabe The Mekanism. :)

Grab the EP on Juno now.

SlothBoogie Guestmix #45 – Rework


We’re obsessed with this new 70s inspired guestmix from Rework… it makes us wanna hit the road for the rest of summer!

So here’s the backstory to how it came about…

Whilst he is primarily recognised for his bond with Detroit and its varying strands of House and Techno, Seth Troxler is an artist whose taste and collection spreads much further afield. (You’ll know what this means with a swift listen to his amazing Rhythm Control mixtape that he dropped at the end of last year)

Through his own imprint Soft Touch, Seth explores music from way beyond the motor city’s borders as he seeks to outlet left-of-centre cuts that touch on “interstellar guitar, calypso disco and seductive techno tracks”.

Basicly brilliant mind bending stuff which leads us here at the second instalment on Seth’s label with the Visionquest and Playhouse affiliated trio Rework who draw from their unique meld of synths and vocals and turn in their ‘Lovecall’ EP that comes out on wax next month…

Rework - Lovecall EP

To give you a flavour of what’s in store we got hold of this standout mix that you’ll have a hard time not going out and take acid to in the desert.

Wanna know more on the Rework crew? Read on…

Formed in the year 2000 Rework released their first EP “Anyway I Know You” on PLAYHOUSE RECORDS. In 2005, the group grew to include Daniel Varga, Michael Kuebler and Sascha Hedgehog who went on to make their first album “Fall Right Now” and the club hits “You’re So Just Just” and “Love Love Love Yeah”, their second long player “Pleasure Is Pretty” came in 2007.

Remix projects have already included many artists: ALTER EGO, CHLOE, MAGDA, LOSOUL, JACKMATE, TRENTEMØLLER, and others. You can also find their tracks poppping up on lots of compilations too: RICHIE HAWTIN’s “Closer To The Edit”, various “Famous When Dead” compilations and FABRIC DJ mixes.

Fast forward to last year and REWORK returned with a two-sided affair for Paris-based MEANT RECORDS and their first label appearance on ITEMS & THINGS and on VISIONQUEST.
Their sound was now darker than before, with an intensive undercurrent. Quite different and fresh but with a very rock’n’roll attitude that brought their personal little dreams and horrors to the fore.

The Sunday Chill : Seth Troxler – Rhythm Control Mix

Taking a side step from his usual mix of tech-house bangers, Seth has put together a special mix entitled “Rhythm Control”. The mix sees Seth go in an all together more chilled and laidback direction by pulling together a selection of exceptionally well curated rare pop and Balearic disco records. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend listen!

“With my “Rhythm Control” mix I wanted to explore a slightly different sound than what people know me for in clubs, and create something that sounds timeless. I’ve drawn inspiration from different places in time and different styles, and I saw this as a way for me to collect into one place all of those more eclectic influences that continue to inspire me. Most of all this is a mix of slow jams and indie rock to bring some heat in on those cold, cold winter nights.”– Seth Troxler